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Christmas Island – Kirivati

viernes, abril 24th, 2009

The Christmas Island is located at a distance of 2600 kilometers (1600 miles) northwest of Perth in Western Australia, but is about 500 kilometers south of Jakarta, Indonesia. The placement of the earth is truly amazing what makes it an ideal tourist destination of world. His trip to Christmas Island is very charming.

The island is home to around 1600 people living in many areas of residential land is known as «settlement areas». These «settlement areas» are located on the northern tip of the island, places on the island best known are: (más…)

Cook Islands – dance, art and culture in New Zealand

viernes, febrero 20th, 2009

Cook Islands Paradise The fifteen are grouped in an archipelago in the South Pacific between New Zealand and Hawaii. The few residents of these beautiful islands are particularly friendly and cheerful and its culture is rich in traditions that are worth knowing and enjoy.

The climate of the archipelago is constant. Between November and March, the rainy season, are very frequent afternoon thunderstorms and showers which cool the air down and make the temperature of 28 º C for this time of year. The dry, cool (20-26 º C) that the rain is from April to October. Throughout the year you can enjoy warm and sunny days and, as is the very rare drop in temperature, light clothes are recommended and a lightweight raincoat for rainy afternoons.


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