Fiji Islands

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The Fiji Islands are the islands of Melanesia known, composed of 320 islands of which only one third are inhabited. The Fiji Islands offer visitors white sand beaches, coral islands, rainforests and beautiful natural surroundings to enjoy a vacation attractive. Fiji Islands is a paradise full of good feeling.

The country’s first settlers were the Melanesians. The islands were sighted for the first time by the Dutch navigator Abel Janszoon Tasman in 1643, when it began contacts with Europe.

A stroll through the capital
Fiji’s capital Suva is one of the most important cities in the South Pacific and the reference center of the country, as in and around Suva lived about 150,000 people, representing over half the urban population of Fiji.

Suva is a multicultural city where many churches, mosques and temples. This charming town is notable for its beautiful landscape and its small bay from which tourists can see the high mountains. Also, are the beautiful beaches that surround the island and where to practice diving becomes a delight, because the traveler will discover beautiful coral reefs.

Suva offers a varied landscape architecture in which buildings are intermingled with its colonial past, with large mansions and gardens and magnificent buildings Indians.

The shopping center is located in Suva Victoria Parade Street, where it is easy to buy crafts typical of the country in all its many shops. In this street also abound nightclubs and major colonial buildings as the Grand Pacific Hotel and the former Governor’s House, where currently the President of the country.

Other sights worth a visit are the Botanical Gardens Clock Tower and Gardens Thurston, in addition to the Fiji Museum.

In Fiji it is mandatory Fijian taste its exquisite cuisine, but also are common food restaurants in Europe, China and India. Typical dishes are prepared based on fish, shellfish, cassava (tavioka), beef, rice, chicken, coconut juice and tropical fruits like guava, pineapple and mango. Fijians eat in their homes with their hands and sitting on the floor and often the visitors with abundant Manjares. The traditional drink is Yagona, but as usual, takes fruit juices, coconut water or juice cold green bananas.

Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island of
The main island of Fiji, Viti Levu is. On this island there are many tourist and commercial centers, in addition here is the international airport, and so many visitors stay in this beautiful island.

Viti Levu, like the rest of the Fiji Islands, Philippines, is full of rainforests and stunning beaches with crystal clear waters where coral reefs abound.

Near Viti Levu are the two most important cities in Fiji, Suva, the capital, and Nadi, on the North Coast. In Nadi, there are many interesting places to see the temple of Sri Swami Siva Subramaniya in the extreme south of the main street. In the main market of the city you can buy many products Melanesians, Chinese and Indians. Diving, white water rafting or fly ultralights are some activities that are practiced, most often in this city.

Kava ceremony
When one travels a Fiji cannot miss a kava ceremony, a plant of the pepper family that is prepared with an energy drink sour, the yaqona. In the event an Islander, a villager of one of the islands of Fiji, kava is taking root in a wooden bowl and soak in water, making a mix with a slight taste of mushrooms. When the mixture is ready, the village chief, a number of villagers and visitors, invited by the village head, sit next to the wooden bowl. The contents of the bowl is poured into a cup made from a coconut shell and is taken from a single gulp.

The person taking the kava da clap at certain times and some shouts «Bula Bulas. These ceremonies are organized in many dances, and sometimes there is a manual handicraft market of products made by women of the village.

Without doubt, the Fiji Islands offer travelers a varied landscape of flavors and colors, thanks to the many tropical forests that we find our way. Idyllic beaches invite you to relax and enjoy the vacation of your dreams in the style of Hollywood stars.

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