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Roma Travel: Advice not to miss anything!

Lunes, mayo 31st, 2010

If spotted in the distance, a badge and half red half yellow, which inherited the great Roman Empire, we know that we are facing the flag of Rome. Roma is a European city, capital of Italy and is located right in the heart of the Italian peninsula.

Cuori di Roma

Photography by Eleanza

It is characterized by a vast and deep historical inheritance, which works great as a tourist attraction, beyond having a warm climate that gives days of sunshine and open skies. If you are planning to know the beautiful Rome, we recommend to consider some tips. First let us start from the fact that Rome is a city with an interesting amount of property declared as a World Heritage Site, which surely will be pleased to know. (más…)

Travel to London for less money

Martes, mayo 25th, 2010

London is a beautiful English city that is combined in a single stage, with great charm and distinction medieval style buildings with multicultural crowds in search of the great dreams of the city.

Here the days are short, as it gets dark about 16 pm, but at that time, it also lights up the streets and shelters, while everything runs its course.

Walker's Court Soho London

Photography by Matt From London

Among these places not to miss in London, is the Soho neighborhood, a wonderful travel and leisure district, where there is an infinite variety of shops, restaurants, bars, barber shops, theater and lots of fashion. (más…)

Lisbon: The old lady

Lunes, mayo 10th, 2010

Cities located close to the sea and the bay are, in themselves, special places and provide the natural setting, which was first port of departure or landing and gold looking for the new world …, or the promised land … or here we have come, but what really matters is the result, the people, the city … the gateway to the solid world and land travelers from distant worlds destinations and travel times that were across the sea who were building what cities that are now a must. And Lisbon, the old lady is one of them.

Lisbon's Cathedral

Photography by pedrosimoes7

Lisbon is an old lady whose gaze was forever contemplating the enormity and majesty of the Atlantic, love and reason to exist, and shaping the look in the retina of the millions of men and women who put to sea looking for a new destination and a new beginning. (más…)

Prague: Know the Heart of Europe

Sábado, mayo 8th, 2010

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and the region of Bohemia, is situated on the banks of the Vltava River and has a number of people close to 1.2 million approximately. This city has been considered one of the finest in the world, known as the heart of Europe, Prague has many natural attractions in no way can be found in other parts of the world, which must be added the to be fully accessible from different locations Europe such as Vienna, Bratislava, Berlin, Budapest, Warsaw and Copenhagen.

Prague Castle por liber.

Photography by liber

Prague is the extension of 496 square kilometers, so it’s not a very extensive region, but in any way compensates for its size with a large sample of culture, (más…)

How to loop through Rome without spending

Sábado, mayo 1st, 2010

What can be done in the old city without entering into extra fees? On his trip to Rome, you can take advantage and save money on their journeys. You then have several options for tourism in the Italian capital at no cost, which present the following:

Via Appia ruins

Photografía por ZeroOne

1) The Roman Forum: This was the main market and business center in ancient times, which is toward banking, commerce, and shopping. Enter forum is free, but admission to the Colosseum and the Palatine have a cost. (más…)

5 Postcards captive in Warsaw

Lunes, abril 26th, 2010

Warsaw - Lazienki Park - Palace on the Water

Fotografía por harshilshah100

In any route, provided that the good weather will (apart from the list that we will introduce the 5 post) is worth adding a walk in the park near the river Vistula, as Ujazdowski, the Traugutta or Praski I Armii. While these parks lack the spectacular Bavarian or London parks, the harmonic distribution of trees and cleaning their playground and seats allow you to enjoy a good time of rest and reflection, without the uncertainty (here a problem less) disrupts relaxation. (más…)

Warsaw: What you should know in their tours

Miércoles, abril 21st, 2010

El pastel de bodas de Stalin. por elchicogris.

Picture by elchicogris

From an Old Town recovered from the rubble to gray examples of Soviet architecture, a capital to meet its streets.

Warsaw who falls in love before and is in love with the history and contemporary culture in Europe. A love leads to another … And finally to learn this lesson without books or sheets you need only to walk Okopowa, Prosta, Wawelska or any of the downtown streets of the Polish capital, and repair of the modest Soviet architecture of the tower blocks, the age-old portraits hanging the inhabitants of the ghetto or the variety of monuments dedicated to characters and events of the Second World War. (más…)

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