Lisbon: The old lady

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Cities located close to the sea and the bay are, in themselves, special places and provide the natural setting, which was first port of departure or landing and gold looking for the new world …, or the promised land … or here we have come, but what really matters is the result, the people, the city … the gateway to the solid world and land travelers from distant worlds destinations and travel times that were across the sea who were building what cities that are now a must. And Lisbon, the old lady is one of them.

Lisbon's Cathedral

Photography by pedrosimoes7

Lisbon is an old lady whose gaze was forever contemplating the enormity and majesty of the Atlantic, love and reason to exist, and shaping the look in the retina of the millions of men and women who put to sea looking for a new destination and a new beginning.

Lisbon’s history is memories of glorious times, colonies, empire, and trade. History of old ships going in and out of the water bringing the treasures of the distant colonies. The fruits, timber and gold, bringing in return, language: Portuguese. Portuguese is a language sweet to the ear, is the type of Latin language and whispering, which lends itself to rhythms and songs that fall in love and tear.

Lisbon: The old lady

Photography by Bert K

If you know you’re going to Lisbon Fado, slow, melancholy and that speaks of lost love, loneliness, grief and absences. Preferably Cried lyrics, flow from a female throat and, by combining the image of the city and its people, friendly and kind, know how to live as the heirs of names and poor past glories. Joining these two stimuli feel on your skin the essence of Lisbon: Energy.

Walking around Lisbon has a special and unique charm, no need to visit each and every one of the castles, palaces, towers, squares and other architectural wonders how many are in this city, and there are many, but not so much stress is necessary . Lisbon, thought-provoking, to walk away and let your senses overflow.

Just get on one of the small boats that cross the bay and connecting two opposite points of the city to gaze from the sea and watch it soar into the sky. Colorful, ancient and beautiful, while the small boat meets their daily work to be underground water, public transport that is shared with local people.

To return to the distant point reached by sea, it is advisable to do so by public transport and across the magnificent bridge, on 25 April, much like San Francisco, to take the view from another angle.

Lisbon, again, is an eminently cultural destination, that invites relaxation and reflection

And by the way of sense, another good and important reasons to visit its food Lisbon: Portuguese food is delicate and exquisite and, above all things, has done its best Cod, leading to the category of art in more than a thousand ways to prepare it, but that in no way detracts from fish, seafood and meats, which are not only the heritage of Lisbon, but in Portugal.

Tramvia (Lisboa)

Photography by Rafel_Miro

These dishes are the result of a cultural mix, spices and flavors of Europe, Africa and America in a distant and pleasant exquisite blend, especially if shared with a white wine of the earth, young and fresh.

Lisbon is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway for those in Europe, especially Spain. If traveling with children, in Lisbon, no large parks or roller coasters, but can be very interesting if we approach the visit to Lisbon as a fun and educational activity and in which children can learn the history of colonization, great migrations and discoveries.

Bon voyage to Lisbon!

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