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Warsaw - Lazienki Park - Palace on the Water

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In any route, provided that the good weather will (apart from the list that we will introduce the 5 post) is worth adding a walk in the park near the river Vistula, as Ujazdowski, the Traugutta or Praski I Armii. While these parks lack the spectacular Bavarian or London parks, the harmonic distribution of trees and cleaning their playground and seats allow you to enjoy a good time of rest and reflection, without the uncertainty (here a problem less) disrupts relaxation.

Moreover, unlike what happens in Moscow and other cities of Eastern Europe still exhibit sequelae in the difficult transition from communism to capitalism in Poland there is good news: the public toilets are free, both of parks as those of the bars and restaurants. This show of progress and openness towards the West is one of the most important for foreign tourism, which in 2007 led to the city 2.8 million visitors, mostly from Europe.

However, there is still unfinished business in this city that lives by its history and evolves with it. A clear example is the zoo, possibly one of the advertised attractions of the city, but that is not characterized either by the variety of animals and for the comfort and quality of its facilities.

If the intention is to meet with the children, the best option is to approach the bear pit that gives Solidarnosci without having to pay 14 zlotys that the entrance fee. There, mammals seem to know that the limit to freedom is just a small wall between the pit and the tumultuous avenue. But none of them, for the gentleness of his brown eyes, you must not imagine the temptation to make the short hop to sniff the polished trunks of Skoda parked outside, sneak into the tram to take advantage of the absence of inspectors would never go up or fight to their way along to Warsaw to continue defending its rich history and, simultaneously, to receive with open arms a future that has already arrived.
Five captive postal:

1. Lazienki Palace:

Known as The Palace on Water, this royal residence is one of the most important and beautiful in Europe. It was built by the aristocrat Stanlislas Lubormirski, but was completely remodeled by the last king of Poland, Stanlislas August Poniatowski, who became his summer residence. (Street Agrykoli 1)

2. Philosophical Café: (Jadlodajnia Filozoficzna)

A great place for nightlife and youth culture to understand Polish. You can taste the best coffees and beers in the country, reading current literature in Poland and Europe and, above all, listen to live music bands of the moment. (Dobra 33/35)

3. National Gallery of Modern Art Zacheta:

Excellent for a great collection of contemporary art works, ranging from Stanislaw Wyspianski Roy Liechtenstein. The quality of the samples makes even those who are not experts in the field can quickly learn about painting and sculpture of this period. (Street Malachowskiego 3).

Roy Liechtenstein

4. Confectionery cukiernia A. Blikle:

Founded in 1869 is considered one of the best places in Warsaw, Poland and Eastern Europe to taste cakes and pastries of all kinds. Without doubt, a good way to explore the history of the country in a different way. (Street Nowy Swiat 35)

5. Castle Square: (Plac Zamkowy)

Not obvious, in view of the Plaza del Castillo is less impressive. There stands the Column of Sigismund III, one of the most typical postal Warsaw, which is hard to believe it was entirely rebuilt after the Second World War. However, the original column lies prostrate in the vicinity, for whom to shoot.

plac zamkowy

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