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If spotted in the distance, a badge and half red half yellow, which inherited the great Roman Empire, we know that we are facing the flag of Rome. Roma is a European city, capital of Italy and is located right in the heart of the Italian peninsula.

Cuori di Roma

Photography by Eleanza

It is characterized by a vast and deep historical inheritance, which works great as a tourist attraction, beyond having a warm climate that gives days of sunshine and open skies. If you are planning to know the beautiful Rome, we recommend to consider some tips. First let us start from the fact that Rome is a city with an interesting amount of property declared as a World Heritage Site, which surely will be pleased to know.

Some of them are:

- Historic Center of Rome: it is a territory divided into 22 districts, within which there are mandatory visits as Sant’Angelo Bridge, an ancient marble bridge which crosses the Tiber River and is located in the region of Ponte; the Pantheon, a circular temple built to honor the gods, located in the area of Pigna next to the Piazza Venezia and Roman Forum area of origin and movement of ancient Rome, the Ghetto, meeting place and helps different religions, located in the region of Sant ‘Angelo, near the Portico of Octavia, an old building renovated repeatedly and owner of several works of art, and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, located in the Esquilino area, a the largest basilicas in Rome and part of the Pentarchy: group consists of five patriarchal churches

- Trastevere: the neighborhood is adjacent to the Historic Center, town of medieval streets and houses. You will find a variety of entertainment venues, restaurants and monuments of historical value.

In Trastevere

Photography by Ewan-M

- Gianicolo: the hill where the Roman Republic was declared, which lasted only a short time and later became a neighborhood that is home to important buildings. Palazzo Pio is a palace that operates independently of the Italian sovereignty and was built on the foundations of former Theatre of Pompey.

Bridge to Castel Sant'Angelo

Photography by Shadowgate

- The simplest way of moving into Rome via public transport, either: The bus, which has three lines that cover various areas, the Metro, which makes available to the public two lines that run from 5.30 to 23.30 hours, the tram, which covers a broad sweep, but does not have great capacity for passengers and the train that runs almost the entire city.

Other must see places to see in the magical city of Rome are:

- Colosseum: symbol par excellence of Rome, where he held the famous battles between gladiators with an audience of up to 50,000 people.

- Vatican City: Icon and center of the Catholic religion, which has its own media and stored in their land: the Basilica of San Pedro, one of the main churches of Rome and the Sistine Chapel, one of the Vatican Museum which has the work of the great artist Michelangelo.

- For accommodation in Rome, there is a wide selection of hotels and luxury hotels 5 stars to the basic amenities of one or two stars.

- There are various proposals for night entertainment such as restaurants, serving typical Italian cuisine including pizzas, pasta and communal tables, Pubs, providing jazz nights, beer, live entertainment and snacks, the approximate time is 19 3 hours, and Clubs, which offer rock concerts or music mixed by DJ’s and often work 22 to 4 hours.

Roma Travel

Photography by John Yavuz Can

Good trip to ancient Rome!

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