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Traveling through Paris on foot

Martes, agosto 3rd, 2010

As you know Paris is the capital of France, and one of the most tourist cities of the world as it offers cultural and artistic routes. This time we decided to do a different tour, visiting its main streets. Let’s start our way down the Champs Elysees, the most important avenue of the city, and one of the most famous and glamorous ways of the world. If we go back in time, we realize that in 1616, Queen Marie de Medicis had a great idea, planting around this great track, trees are in feet until today, and which offer the city a kind of urban park. It is worth mentioning also that along this street you will find a series of luxury shops and hotels 5 stars.

Paris Opéra (Palais Garnier)

Photography by dewet

Now let’s get to know the Avenida de la Opera, which poses the Opera Garnier in Paris. We can also stroll through the Rue de Rivoli, one of the most popular streets of the city. Here you will find shops of all kinds. Of course we can not fail to visit the streets of the Boulevard de Montparnasse, located on the banks of the Seine, or even the streets of the famous quarter of Chatelet, where he poses the station of the same name of the Paris Metro. (más…)

Zagreb, the Croatian capital

Domingo, agosto 1st, 2010

Despite being an unorthodox destination when visiting Europe, Croatia presents a variety of surprises hidden behind its tumultuous recent history, crowned by the independence war that has left ears of the country at present, currently goal of joining the European Union.

Zagreb, the Croatian capital

Photography by Damien Smith

Zagreb is specifically one of those great surprises that gives the country. As Dubrovnik, Croatia’s capital presents a full picture to be enjoyed activities, with the main legacy of the influence of monumental most attractive cities in Europe such as Budapest and Vienna, cities with which this region has been linked for centuries history. (más…)

Ljubljana: A charming town

Martes, julio 27th, 2010

Tourism, Ljubljana is a city that has incredible urban charms, perhaps belonging to a small European country overshadowed by cities like Madrid, Rome and London is not as popular a tourist destination, but the visitor will not be disappointed.

Liubliana of tourism

Photography by jomis

It is a modern city full of bridges, buildings, parks, monuments and churches, all the architectural charm. In addition you can also find several really interesting tourist activities, such as the so-called International Summer Festival, which has many events worth a visit with the family. (más…)

Sightseeing in Dusseldorf

Miércoles, julio 21st, 2010

Known as the main town for the fashion in Germany, Düsseldorf is a city located on the banks of the River Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia, which has an amazing music movement, which can be clearly seen in its commercial streets, we can also find a great industry for the production of automobiles and textiles all current movement that tells the city would be amazing to know that after more than 80% of its territory was destroyed in World War II.

Sightseeing in Dusseldorf

Fotografía por Effervescing Elephant

Among the highlights we can find several buildings and monuments which are very good representatives of different architectural styles, this is where stands the church of St. Andreas. In case you did not know, we tell you that this is a Jesuit church built in 1629 and shows an excellent example of baroque style. To know one must turn to the historical city center. Continuing with our religious path can visit the Basilica of St. Lambertus, which is located in Stiftsplatz 9. It is a Gothic building dating from the fourteenth century. It is worth mentioning that both have an impressive interior decor and in outward appearance. (más…)

The charm of the Belgian city of Bruges

Sábado, julio 10th, 2010

The city of Bruges is a city where most of the wealth of Belgium, Bruges is its capital, considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. It also says it’s like a open air museum, for its aesthetic beauty. Visiting us trace the children’s stories, where magic is possible.

The charm of the Belgian city of Bruges

Photography by Andrea Guerra

The beauty of a city like Bruges, his art, the beautiful ornamentation of its buildings, a veritable museum street, the dazzling warmth of their carcasses, romantic stroll through the medieval streets known as the Venice of the north due to the large number of canals running through the city and the beauty of them. Its historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. (más…)

Meet and travel to Bratislava

Jueves, julio 8th, 2010

The beautiful capital of Slovakia on the Danube is fast becoming a hot spot in Eastern Europe. Bratislava is undergoing a remarkable transformation from a picturesque postcard town center to a quirky style and culture. Exclusive restaurants, chic clubs and a cosmopolitan atmosphere and nice mix with the famous baroque palaces, landscaped gardens and classical coffee.

Meet and travel to Bratislava

Photography by xlibber

Bratislava, nestled in the geographical center of Europe runs along the banks of the Danube River at the foot of the dramatic Carpathian Mountains. After decades of communist rule, Bratislava is experiencing a cultural renaissance after winning its independence in 1993. Top attractions include the charming baroque old town, the historic Gothic treasures, classic cafes and an eclectic nightlife and considered one of the best in Europe, and a number of attractions to visit.  (más…)

Places to go traveling in Tirana

Lunes, junio 28th, 2010

Tirana is truly a crossroads between Western Europe and the former Russia, with a sprinkling of the Middle East has produced a triumph on its recently troubled past to emerge as a jewel of Eastern Europe. Its population has nearly doubled in the last eight years, and Tirana has reinvented itself to become a strong, vibrant and cosmopolitan city, worthy of exploration.

Places to go traveling in Tirana

Photography by azken_tximinoa

Tourist attractions in Tirana:

Skanderbeg Square:

The square is the cultural and social center of Tirana, this is an excellent place to see the daily life of the inhabitants of this city. The famous equestrian statue is located on the south side of the square. (más…)

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