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The city of Buenos Aires

Sábado, mayo 16th, 2009

On the right bank of the River Plate is the most populous city in the southern hemisphere and, along with Mexico City, the Spanish-speaking world. Buenos Aires is not only the industrial capital, financial and commercial heart of Argentina, but also its biggest cultural center. With a modern and well developed, except some old districts such as La Boca or Barracas, Buenos Aires offers charming, with its wide streets and squares, and its beautiful gardens, inviting visitors to walk through it, enjoying be observed. (más…)

Iceland, an escape to nature

Lunes, marzo 23rd, 2009

The attractive Iceland, located northwest of the continent includes, besides the island of Iceland, a few other islands that are in the Atlantic, between Greenland and the rest of the continent. In recent years Iceland has been gaining greater importance and a place among the best European and worldwide destinations most sought after. In its rugged territory may be active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and deserts of lava. This is compounded by the richness of its folklore, its traditions and its literary history.

While it is possible to travel on a budget, those who plan to travel to know most of the country as possible without spending too much money to put aside some amenities such as hotel rooms and restaurants. (más…)

Chiclayo Information

Jueves, enero 29th, 2009

Chiclayo is a city of Peru where the hot sun, desert oases and the fresh sea breeze come mutually. Fairy story has it that the god Naylamp glided here jointly with a vast retinue thousands of years ago to originate his empire. In fact, many olden civilizations saw the intentional benefit of controlling this region, which today is a major business hub in northern Peru, where routes come mutually from the coast, highlands and jungle.

Chiclayo City is the capital of the department of Lambayeque, which gave elevation to the pre-Hispanic cultures as Mochica, Sicán or Lambayeque and Chimú.

Chiclayo City is a competent and economical influence city from the north of the country. Located on a productive valley, where agriculture activities are very vital, outstanding rice production, sugar cane and cotton. It is a considered point in the middle of many highways and roads connections.


The region of valencia

Martes, enero 13th, 2009

Comunitat Valenciana the portal

The region of valencia seen through webcam.

A total of 60 webcams in the Region of Valencia, operative from the tourist portal, broadcast live, twenty – four hours a day, images from different destinations, so that any web surfer can see what these places are like, in real time, and even get meteorological information about them thanks to the equipment installed at some of them.

The cameras are located in attractive, significant places in municipalities, at sites that in some cases let you follow celebrations, events, shows, festivals or sports competitions that take place there throughout the year. This webcam network also lets you see images of the Region of Valencia’s most notable leisure and tourism infrastructures such as the Terra Mítica theme park in Benidorm, the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, or the “Ricardo Tormo” racing circuit in Cheste, which are complements to the traditional attractions of beaches, maritime boulevards, historical and artistic sites, inland destinations, sports facilities or shopping malls. (más…)

The journey from Santa Pola to Tabarca

Miércoles, diciembre 10th, 2008

The journey from Santa Pola to Tabarca is a unique spectacle, an incredible mosaic of scenery, land and sea. The crossing is a short trip, barely three miles, leaving behind the salt flats and sailing from Santa Pola’s beaches, some rocky, some with fine sand, to the flat island of Tabarca. The island, the only one inhabited in the Region of Valencia, is a genuine natural monument. The human aspect of its single town complements a beautiful, virtually-unknown protected area.

Santa Pola, a perfect example of a Mediterranean fishing town, is the starting point for a journey through nature, history and local tradition, passing peacefully from rocky coves to sandy beaches and from La Sierra to the Albufera area of Las Salinas. Ancient civilisations left their mark on Santa Pola. A walled, Iberian town from the 4th century before Christ is the first example. The town has a fishing port that has boasted its fame since the time of the Romans, who called it Portus Ilicitanus. Remains from that period can also be seen in the luxurious Roman villa of El Palmeral and in the fish-salting factory from the 4th century before Christ, next to the Iberian excavation.

The castle, a magnificent example of 16th-century Renaissance military architecture, was built for King Felipe II as a defence against attacking pirates from the northern coast of Africa. Its purpose nowadays is to exhibit Santa Pola’s history and culture: it houses two Museums, the exhibition hall, the bastion of the Duke of Arcos and the Chapel of La Virgen de Loreto. The aquarium, another highly-recommended visit in Santa Pola, covers an area of 700 square metres and its central hall contains nine large tanks with Mediterranean flora and fauna. Santa Pola’s three watch towers – Tamarit Tower in Las Salinas, Escaletes in La Sierra and Atalayola at the modern, day lighthouse, were built in 1552 to prevent attacks from the Berbers. (más…)

Natural beauty of the interior Valencia community

Miércoles, octubre 29th, 2008

The joyful hustle and bustle of city life forms an island of activity surrounded by a sea of tranquillity formed by the peaceful coastline and the rugged natural beauty of the interior.

The omnipresent mountains that rear up behind Gandia house one of the areas last remaining cork oak forests, and a trip through this countryside leads walkers through impressive landscapes such as the Barranco de Borrell, which is made up of the Gota, Tancat and Borrell guilles and constitutes Gandia main hydrologica! network. These guilles are abrupt and beautiful, with their huge cliff faces, rocky crags dating from the Upper Cretaceous and the smoothed boulders on the river bed. Caves and summits then round 0ff the geomorphological diversity of the gully. (más…)

Vacation of Tourist in Alicante

Viernes, mayo 30th, 2008

Blessed with the most exquisite scenery, Alicante rises majestically from the waters of the Mediterranean in a blend of natural and more urban, human landscapes. The Explanada de España is one of the many gems of the Alicante seafront, shining alongside other jewels such as the Muelle de Levante quayside, the Canalejas Park and the inimitable Paseo del Conde Vallellano boardwalk at the water’s edge. This ensemble is a melting pot of different worlds, whose boundaries blend into facades that end where the sea begins, becoming over recent years one of the most popular spaces for leisure and entertainment in the whole of Alicante. These days, from the Panoramis complex at El Postiguet beach and from La Rambla to the Club de Regatas yacht club, it’s fun all the way. (más…)

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