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Chiclayo is a city of Peru where the hot sun, desert oases and the fresh sea breeze come mutually. Fairy story has it that the god Naylamp glided here jointly with a vast retinue thousands of years ago to originate his empire. In fact, many olden civilizations saw the intentional benefit of controlling this region, which today is a major business hub in northern Peru, where routes come mutually from the coast, highlands and jungle.

Chiclayo City is the capital of the department of Lambayeque, which gave elevation to the pre-Hispanic cultures as Mochica, Sicán or Lambayeque and Chimú.

Chiclayo City is a competent and economical influence city from the north of the country. Located on a productive valley, where agriculture activities are very vital, outstanding rice production, sugar cane and cotton. It is a considered point in the middle of many highways and roads connections.

In its valleys displayed many vital pre-Inca cultures, such as “Lambayeque or Sicán”, “Mochica” and “Chimú”. Part of its culture and resources can be perceived in Lambayeque at the Brüning Museum and the new Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum and Sicán National Museum.

During the Colony, it was single a simple Indian community in the road that joined Lambayeque and Zaña. Colony constructions does not subsist, but today it is a city in full expansion process, having vital discoveries as a central entrance, such as “El Señor de Sipán” (Lord of Sipán) at Huaca Rajada (important master discovered in 1987 with his in-life reserves), “Señor de Sicán” at Batangrande and Túcume. Thanks to these vital discoveries, Chiclayo turns out to be the second vital destiny, after Cusco, for the archaeological and monumental tourism in Peru.

The sympathy and warmness of the people from Lambayeque had worth the nickname of “friendship capital”; being especially religious and having dedication to “Cruz de Chalpón”, that each year celebrates an enormous festival that joins a lot of pilgrims in Motupe from all the country.

In Monsefú and Eten, specialist craftsmen, descendents of the Mochicans (vital pre-Incas culture) work with straw and fine yarn, and ceramics.

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