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Traveling with little money (Part I)

Sábado, octubre 3rd, 2009

When one wants to make a trip automatically think of the budget would be needed to achieve it. Is often associated (wrongly) an exact proportionality between distance and cost, this would, for example, a trip from America to Europe or vice versa is impossible in times of crisis. But we have a very good news, this happens because of the lack of information about the trip to perform as desired using and exploiting resources and opting for other much cheaper alternatives. (más…)

Traveling to Valencia

Martes, septiembre 29th, 2009

Great Spanish city with one of the most famous coasts in Europe, Valencia is one of the most visited Spanish cities and beloved by tourists, and that is their paella, its people and their festivals are world famous.

Where to Stay?
In the city of Valencia are different chains of hotels, located in coastal areas or further inland, for example, eDreams, which offers a variety of cheap hotels, or AC Hotels, NH Hoteles.
How come?
Valencia, because of its importance, has in its assets Manises airport. The airport has international connections that give users a handy way to reach the city of Valencia. For those who do not like the airplane, there are three chances for Valencia, by bus, or rail, arriving at North Station, located right in the city. But the most dramatic possibility is the port where you can reach a very attractive marina.

How to travel around Valencia? (más…)

Visa and documents necessary

Domingo, septiembre 27th, 2009

Some tourists often have difficulties when diplomatic move by the world. Still, it is necessary to check the entry requirements of our destination in time. The management of the visa is a necessary formality that we can not overlook when planning our trip.

Tickets, luggage, hotel, currency, passport … and in many places, including the visa. When preparing our trip abroad is not enough to book a room and see if weather will be fine. We must also consider well in advance what documents will be needed, which is essential if we are to have problems last minute to enter our destination. Conventional travel agencies usually deal with this procedure or to properly inform their customers about the steps they must follow, but individual tourists or those who use financial companies especially will typically have to deal with this administration on their own. (más…)

Your next destination is Tenerife?

Sábado, septiembre 26th, 2009

Tenerife, one of the most important islands of the Canaries and where the highest peak in Spain.

Tenerife has two airports: Tenerife South airport or also called Reina Sofia Airport or Tenerife Norte Los Rodeos airport. The largest airport is the Reina Sofia and passenger busiest year since the Los Rodeos airport is used mostly for flights to other islands of the Canary archipelago and the peninsula. Moreover, the island has two major ports: the Port de la Cruz Tenerife connecting the capitals of the other islands and the Port of Los Cristianos which focuses more on communication with the other capital of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. One of the best ways to get around the island is using the buses as well, in all towns there is usually a stop. Another way are the trams. They are fast and comfortable to use as many points from reaching the island. Other options include the use of taxis or rental cars. Finally you can stay at hotels, apartments, bungalows, etc… (más…)

Cruise Travel: Tips, routes and everything you need to know

Jueves, septiembre 3rd, 2009

Cruises are the perfect vacation for every taste, relaxing vacation, with family, friends, cultural …
It is a way out of the routine and typical travel delays at airports, long car trips and hotel changes unnecessarily. Entertainment and amusement insured vessels up to 130,000 tons with all kinds of leisure for all ages: theaters, casinos, spa, gym, clubs, nurseries and playrooms for children, activities for teenagers, swimming pools … You can travel the world aboard a great ship and visit exciting places like: (más…)

10 beach destinations unknown and economic Europe

Martes, agosto 11th, 2009

IMG_4534 por Nucu.

In midsummer it is not surprising that the coast is the main holiday destination of many. But … The most famous and crowded beaches are always the best destination? Why not bet on beaches without a scrum? In this post we offer ten beach locations in Europe that does not often appear in tourist guides. This summer, in addition to save and wait queue, you can save a few euros if betting these unique beaches. Enjoying intimate vacation at sea and surprised everyone with pictures of new places. Come to discover corners of Europe. (más…)

Argentina – Gaucho Country Customs

Lunes, mayo 25th, 2009

tango en argentina

Tourism in Argentina, for several reasons leading to the accessibility and the relatively low cost of travel. In Argentina, the traveler enjoys good food, excellent wines and all kinds of fun. The “shopping”, of which tourists often travel in open hand, are an attraction to go for: clothing, shoes, bags, decorative items with its daring design, traditional handicrafts, silverware, books, chocolates and wine are some of the most requested. (más…)

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