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Comunitat Valenciana the portal

The region of valencia seen through webcam.

A total of 60 webcams in the Region of Valencia, operative from the tourist portal, broadcast live, twenty – four hours a day, images from different destinations, so that any web surfer can see what these places are like, in real time, and even get meteorological information about them thanks to the equipment installed at some of them.

The cameras are located in attractive, significant places in municipalities, at sites that in some cases let you follow celebrations, events, shows, festivals or sports competitions that take place there throughout the year. This webcam network also lets you see images of the Region of Valencia’s most notable leisure and tourism infrastructures such as the Terra Mítica theme park in Benidorm, the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, or the “Ricardo Tormo” racing circuit in Cheste, which are complements to the traditional attractions of beaches, maritime boulevards, historical and artistic sites, inland destinations, sports facilities or shopping malls.

A highlight among the latest innovations introduced is the service known as “streaming video”, which allows web surfers to watch continuous images in video format of some of the main tourist spots where the webcams are positioned. The creation of online communities is also being encouraged on the Region of Valencia portal thanks to webcam and weather station users common interests.

Comunitat Valenciana

The region of valencia with cartography institute

From its web site, the Valencian Cartography Institute is offering the chance to take a virtual flight over the Region of Valencia’s territory.
The home page gives access to this interactive service that lets you explore Valencia’s geography from north to south. With the Region of Valencia’s virtual flight, you can easily travel around the whole area and consult multimedia information to do with places of interest. With this innovative tool, which uses an easy-tointerpret dynamic 3-D map, you can discover the Region’s physical layout using free flight, activating and deactivating visualization layers with aerial orthographic images of the territory at a scale of 1:25.000 showing the contours as they actually appear.

There is also information on how provinces and municipal districts are distributed, trekking and cycling routes through some natural parks, identifying place names, municipal information and links to web pages, plus links to the tourist portal. This application lets you fly freely over the 3-D mapped territory while making consultations. You can monitor the visualized zone with reference to the Region of Valencia via a guide map, consult coordinates, fly automatically using searches for “info” and place-names, capture any view or use different measuring tools.

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