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Wildlife reserves in South America

Miércoles, junio 23rd, 2010

Nature reserves in the world have arisen from the need to preserve certain species, because of human activity in the world have undergone a change in the environment in which they operate or may have been the victim of hunting indiscriminately.

Torres del Paine

Photography by einalem

The various wildlife reserves that exist in the world, boasts of being havens for those who visit because they can see naturally and almost total freedom to animals or protected species there, if it occurs frequently in South America where the choice is clear. (más…)

Meet and travel to Buenos Aires

Martes, junio 22nd, 2010

The province of Buenos Aires is one of the 23 provinces of Argentina. Currently, Buenos Aires receives tourists from varied nationalities and for different purposes. Some come to shop, others to enjoy the night life, others to taste the bohemian Buenos Aires, while a good deal comes, in educational tour to study Spanish.

Meet and travel to Buenos Aires

Photography by longhorndave

The most developed form of tourism are the beaches of the coast of the province, near the Argentine Sea. There are nearly 1,200 km of beaches, along which are seaside resorts with varying degrees of urban development. (más…)

Cusco and the universe of universal energy

Lunes, junio 21st, 2010

They say of the Incas who were great warriors, great worshipers of nature, that their chief god was the sun, majestic buildings comfortably surpassed the creativity and ingenuity of any other culture of his time. They say that their energy is conserved to this day that man is left lost in the sky and find a paradise technological energy is as moving as a sunrise in the navel of the world, one called Cusco and adored by men at a time the gods seem to have suffered stress universal. That is why we can say that the city of Cusco is the universe of universal energy.

Cusco at dawn

Photography by Matito

From around the world, Peru is a country may rarely recognized, one not so small that it hides in its four letters a huge variety of colors, thoughts and cultures that are blended in the will of people to grow, to achieve development that Old reached much earlier. A bubble in the air for thousands of Europeans were reduced by a majestic and imperial city Cusco, the universe of universal energy. (más…)

Salar Uyuni, a natural wonder in Bolivia

Viernes, junio 18th, 2010

The Salar de Uyuni, located between the provinces of Potosi and Oruro, in Bolivia, near the town of the same name, is the largest salt deposit in the world. Has an area of 10.582 square kilometers and is located 3.650 meters over sea level. It was part of Lake Minchin, 40,000 years ago, but on drying it, two lakes were formed, the poop, and Uru Uru, and two deposits of salt, Salar de Coipasa, and Uyuni.

Salar Uyuni, a natural wonder in Bolivia

Photography by Peter Shanks

It is an area of great economic importance for Bolivia. It contains an estimated 10 billion tons of salt, which draws less than 25 thousand a year. Can you believe it? The salts are more common than are those of halite and Gypsum (which has different uses, from fertilizer to clotting in the development of tofu). It also has a large deposit of lithium (half the global reserves of lithium) which has a wide range of use, including battery manufacturing, manufacture of medicines, and fuel for satellites and rockets). (más…)

Lima: When the sun goes down

Miércoles, mayo 19th, 2010

Or also known Lima City of Kings, Peru’s capital, emerging city, modern and changing of much history and tradition, full of historical sites, churches and museums … but when night came, Lima becomes a city of lights, music and fun.

Plaza de Armas de Lima, Catedral & Palacio

Photography by David Baggins

In Lima dusk and dawn early afternoon that means the city has a long night, but we must also say that I always fall short. We can start our tour by going to dinner. Lima has the best range of restaurants five holders of South America, the best Peruvian cuisine at his mercy, since the most important and distinguished restaurants in the city to the most famous culinary nooks for all tastes and for all economies, Lima offer their flavors. (más…)

Ecuador: 10 must-see places to visit

Domingo, mayo 9th, 2010

Ecuador is a country located in South America right on the equator which owes its name. It is full of cultural wealth, natural and archaeological sites of a diverse and important tourist attraction, where tourists will be in direct contact with nature and history. Closer to the sun … and that strange sensation you feel. There are 10 places for the thousands who should be nothing but a selection.

Ecuador: 10 must-see places to visit

Photography by Peter Shanks

1. Historic center of Quito. A visit to the historic center of Quito is a bunch of very interesting places like the Basilica del Voto Nacional, the Palacio de Carondelet and Real Audiencia de Quito among others, this city is the capital of Ecuador is also known as “Shrine Art in America”. (más…)

The cultural heritage of South America

Lunes, mayo 3rd, 2010

Perhaps less known and visited than others, 10 sites, Cultural Heritage Site by Unesco, these places offer us a trip back in time to discover and preserve them.

Puerta del Sol

Fotografía por Cocal

1. Colombia: San Agustin Archaeological Park

Declared a World Heritage Site in 1995, St. Augustine, in the southern department of Huila, about 520 kilometers from Bogota, was inhabited before the Christian era by different cultures, which are only known remains on display today. In the park you can walk paths that retain the typical regional flora and visit the tables, (sectors) where there are sculptures and tombs of the Augustinian culture. (más…)

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