Lima: When the sun goes down

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Or also known Lima City of Kings, Peru’s capital, emerging city, modern and changing of much history and tradition, full of historical sites, churches and museums … but when night came, Lima becomes a city of lights, music and fun.

Plaza de Armas de Lima, Catedral & Palacio

Photography by David Baggins

In Lima dusk and dawn early afternoon that means the city has a long night, but we must also say that I always fall short. We can start our tour by going to dinner. Lima has the best range of restaurants five holders of South America, the best Peruvian cuisine at his mercy, since the most important and distinguished restaurants in the city to the most famous culinary nooks for all tastes and for all economies, Lima offer their flavors.

A must-see attraction is the famous “Magic Water Circuit, located in the Parque de la Reserva right in downtown Lima. This park boasts being the largest complex sources of the world (Guinness Record) and is composed of 13 ornamental fountains where the water is driven by modern circuits, which make a spectacle of movement and color.

If you love the architecture and history, we can make a night tour of the historic city center, churches, palaces, plazas and historical sites modern illuminated all that makes your ride a pleasure for your eyes.

For more love:

If you like the bohemian, you can not miss Ravine, one of the oldest districts in Lima, bordering the sea, full of tradition, baroque buildings, home to artists, a place full of European-style bars, the best music underground in all genres, restaurants, street shows, wine and music. A perfect place for lovers, you can visit the famous Bridge of Sighs. A romantic and bohemian who can not stop going on his visit to Lima.

Lima: When the sun goes down

Photography by Capienzzo (Cuenta Abandona)

Lima also has the kind of party we all love, if you want to dance all night we can go to Miraflores, one of the most cosmopolitan districts of the city’s best nightclubs and the best clubs are undoubtedly in Miraflores. The fashion shows, the most important exponents of musical calling at their stores filled with music, fun and excitement.


Photography by cvander

But if we want to soak in Peru, Lima provides a path filled night folk shows, including the beautiful dances of the country, offering exquisite traditional cuisine and traditional music from all parts played by its best exponents.

Lima never sleeps, would you be?

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