Salar Uyuni, a natural wonder in Bolivia

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The Salar de Uyuni, located between the provinces of Potosi and Oruro, in Bolivia, near the town of the same name, is the largest salt deposit in the world. Has an area of 10.582 square kilometers and is located 3.650 meters over sea level. It was part of Lake Minchin, 40,000 years ago, but on drying it, two lakes were formed, the poop, and Uru Uru, and two deposits of salt, Salar de Coipasa, and Uyuni.

Salar Uyuni, a natural wonder in Bolivia

Photography by Peter Shanks

It is an area of great economic importance for Bolivia. It contains an estimated 10 billion tons of salt, which draws less than 25 thousand a year. Can you believe it? The salts are more common than are those of halite and Gypsum (which has different uses, from fertilizer to clotting in the development of tofu). It also has a large deposit of lithium (half the global reserves of lithium) which has a wide range of use, including battery manufacturing, manufacture of medicines, and fuel for satellites and rockets).

Other minerals found are potassium, boron and magnesium. This creates major currencies in Bolivia, so the government has decided to open its own plant for the extraction of minerals and not allow foreign firms enter. It is also important for local residents as living extracting salt and other minerals. It is also an important transportation route in the Bolivian Altiplano. It is also a breeding place for three types of flamenco. Undoubtedly a natural area with lots to offer …

Rural tourism in Bolivia

Photography by Peter Shanks

An interesting fact is that this region serves as a place for the calibration of space satellites, due to its flat, white surface, which makes a five times better than the oceans for this purpose.

With respect to tourism, this area is one of the major attractions of Bolivia, as it has amazing landscapes. It is an ideal area for bicycling or driving, since it is virtually flat terrain and is a great show in winter, because when driving, you will see a contrast with the blue sky and the white floor. When it is cloudy, the sky is white and the floor too, so you will not know which is which, which becomes a unique experience. Also within the area are the Hotel Luna Salada, built entirely of salt blocks, and various “islands”.

The major attractions of Bolivia

Photography by Peter Shanks

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