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The Legend of Lake Titicaca

Jueves, enero 6th, 2011

The Legend of Lake Titicaca

His name is the less peculiar sound in the languages derived from Latin, but its origin is much more distant and mysterious. Lake Titicaca is the second largest lake in South America and the highest navigable lake in the world.


Photography by Phillie Casablanca

Besides being one of the most impressive lakes land and be between two countries Peru and Bolivia, as a large lake that is, has its own legend.

The popular story that people lived happily in its valley, where the land was extremely fertile. Did not lack for nothing and the suffering did not live their heavenly domains. The gods of the mountains, the Apus, protected humans was forbidden and only one thing: they could not climb to the top of the mountains, where the sacred fire burning. (más…)

Bruges the most tourist cities

Domingo, diciembre 5th, 2010

Bruges is one of the most tourist cities of Belgium and with good reason. While walking through Bruges one could move to the Middle Ages without much difficulty, if not for groups of visitors that pass back and forth in nationalities, colors and languages.

Walking Bruges

Photography by mararie

Bruges is a small town. We can reached by road, train or bus. Is very close to the North Sea, so it’s interesting approach to coastal communities and discovers the Belgian seaside resorts, such as totally opposed to the mass of cement buildings and the Mediterranean. The climate is perhaps one of the main causes of the Belgian coast has been preserved with some criterion, leaving rows and rows of dunes are constantly moving in front of the beach and more distant low buildings (except in a few urban core ), just three floors the highest, and most one-storey houses. (más…)

Brazil travels by train

Domingo, noviembre 21st, 2010

Brazil is extraordinary in many respects. His incredible size, the innate joy that distill some of its cities and its lush Amazon makes it unique and incomprehensible. It is the country where they surpass all records, the largest state in South America, the Amazon basin represents one-fifth of all fresh water reserves on the planet, and even has the largest dinosaur footprint that was found.

Brazil travels

Photography by Crucsou-Barus

Its vastness is such that it is practically impossible to cover in one trip or a single post. But perhaps one of his lesser-known facets is the mining and railroad past can be discovered today thanks to the lines of cultural and tourist trains that run some of the most beautiful. (más…)

Tours through Patagonia in South America

Domingo, agosto 29th, 2010

The nature of Tierra del Fuego cruise invited to walk around and discover the flora and fauna. It is the Chilean population that controls the north shore of the Strait of Magellan. A town of 130,000 that has some post colonization, frontier city where light and air and solitude southern portend. Punta Arenas Valparaiso recalls a point, with those ridged hills carpeted with colorful low houses that hang to the edge of the Strait of Magellan. It is the starting point of many cruises on the Patagonian channels and excursions to see the native forests in the Strait.

Cruising the Patagonian

Photography by Ana_Cotta

Cruising the Patagonian channels: (más…)

Traveling to Venezuela

Sábado, julio 10th, 2010

A must to visit tourist attractions in Venezuela, in addition to its capital Caracas, Margarita Island is a destination for excellence in recreation, the beaches are a pleasure as well as its natural landscapes which are valued as of great value. So, too, stands the archipelago of Los Roques, located in the Caribbean Sea. This is a place of turquoise waters, considered as a luxury destination for summer holidays. It is important to mention that is located about 128 kilometers from the capital Caracas.

Traveling to Venezuela

Photography by eutrophication&hypoxia

We can also choose to visit Morrocoy National Park, which is located in the region of Falcon, in the northwest of the country. Their unique beauty makes it one of the most amazing natural destinations in the area. (más…)

Thermal Tourism in Uruguay

Domingo, julio 4th, 2010

Thermal Tourism in Uruguay

Photography by todo tiempo pasado fue mejor

The spa tourism is an ancestral activity that appears initially seeking cures for diseases. In any country in the world can express the occurrence of thermal waters, especially in areas near volcanic areas, the existence of thermal power represents the power to seize them as they have rich mineral competent health significance. Thanks to this natural supply is being carried out conservation and development of thermal baths for both the medical aspect as for relaxation and meditation. (más…)

Valle de los Yungas in Bolivia Nature

Jueves, junio 24th, 2010

Take the pleasure of entering the wonders of nature, is better than artificial creations. Today we invite you to the fascinating Valley of the Yungas in South America, a stretch of five miles we found in the Republic of Bolivia where we enjoy a semi tropical climate, with good vegetation, canyons, rivers and waterfalls.

Corner of death on the Yungas Road

Photography by jimmyharris

Its soils range between 1,500 and 2,500 meters above sea level. The favorable season to visit is from December to February. Their lands have sown coffee, sugar cane, citrus, mango and coca. (más…)

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