Ecuador: 10 must-see places to visit

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Ecuador is a country located in South America right on the equator which owes its name. It is full of cultural wealth, natural and archaeological sites of a diverse and important tourist attraction, where tourists will be in direct contact with nature and history. Closer to the sun … and that strange sensation you feel. There are 10 places for the thousands who should be nothing but a selection.

Ecuador: 10 must-see places to visit

Photography by Peter Shanks

1. Historic center of Quito. A visit to the historic center of Quito is a bunch of very interesting places like the Basilica del Voto Nacional, the Palacio de Carondelet and Real Audiencia de Quito among others, this city is the capital of Ecuador is also known as “Shrine Art in America”.

2. The obelisk of World Half. Located on the outskirts of Quito, an interesting monument is built in the city latitude 0 in half of the world.

3. Los Baths of Agua Santa. These celebrities and famous thermal baths are located on the slopes of the volcano Tungurahua, also known as “the Golden Door”.

4. The Tungurahua volcano. An impressive still active volcano becomes a favorite place for thousands of visitors, is located in the central Andes of Ecuador, a challenge of nature.

Volcàn Tungurahua

Photography by Lesmode

5. Montanita Beach. The spa’s most multicultural of Ecuador, in addition to its beautiful beaches and beautiful sunsets, you will find hundreds of tourists from around the world in a place like something out of a story.

6. The Galapagos Islands: (islands turtles). Without doubt the most important tourist attraction in Ecuador. This is a group of 13 volcanic islands located in the Pacific Ocean waters are home to beautiful giant tortoises who were given the name to these beautiful islands full of incredible scenery and unforgettable landscapes.

7. The cathedral of Quito. Located in the colonial city on the main square of the city, becomes one of the most important structures of the city dates its construction of fine sixteenth-century Gothic style.

Catedral Metropolitana, Quito

Photography by putneymark

8. Machalilla National Park. Located in the province of Manabi, a very large (55 000 hectares) extends from the Cordillera of the Andes to the sea, full of resources such as fauna and flora, in addition to beautiful beaches.

9. Salinas Beach. This place is an idyllic summer place full of big hotels and tourist services of first level, where you can enjoy a stay on the beach and indescribable sunsets, with a great boardwalk that will make the evening a delight.

Salinas, Ecuador

Photography by Rinaldo W.

10. Puyo. It is the eastern part of Ecuador, jungle, exotic wildlife, beautiful scenery, good weather and an exciting stay with that line of adventure travel.

Chances are that we left some beautiful places in the ink and some join the discussion, but we must all agree that Ecuador is a wonderful place for rest. The main thing is to decide and choose the accommodation in Ecuador that allows us to be there, a decision that no one is sorry.

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