Argentina – Gaucho Country Customs

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tango en argentina

Tourism in Argentina, for several reasons leading to the accessibility and the relatively low cost of travel. In Argentina, the traveler enjoys good food, excellent wines and all kinds of fun. The “shopping”, of which tourists often travel in open hand, are an attraction to go for: clothing, shoes, bags, decorative items with its daring design, traditional handicrafts, silverware, books, chocolates and wine are some of the most requested.

Tourists tend to be attracted by the environment “European” of Buenos Aires, the landscape with snow capped mountains and glaciers and lakes in the ski resort of Argentina.

Although most tourists only visit Buenos Aires, the capital, perhaps, Bariloche in Argentina has areas of great interest for tourism. However, the richness and diversity of its natural attractions in Argentina can be exploited both on short trips and an ultra comfortable journey. Where can I find radically exotic places for the adventurous such as canyons, glaciers, salt deserts, steppes, forests, waterfalls, valleys … You can also see animals as close to seals, penguins, whales, vicunas, flamingos, llamas and guanacos.

el tango en argentina

For all these reasons, Argentina is known for not one but many trips!

Geography of Argentina:
With 2.7 million square kilometers in Argentina is the second largest country in South America and eighth in the world in the area. West, Argentina has a natural border of the Andes, which controls the country from north to south. Serving as a barrier to the mass of moist air of the Pacific, the Andes in northwestern and central-western Argentina, where the influence of the Atlantic is not present, the dry weather, will be dry at some points.

Patagonia in Argentina, with beautiful scenery of forests, lakes, snow peaks and ancient glaciers. The Land of Fire, consisting of one large island and dozens of islets, is the southernmost region of Argentina in South America.

In Mesopotamia (which, as you know, means “between rivers”), is the region between the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, is a historical region of Misiones. In the far north and in the triple border between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. They are the Itaipu hydroelectric plant and the Grand Canyon. Lindeira Paraná River area, also known in Argentina as El Litoral, are large cities like Rosario, Santa Fe and Paraná.

The region stretching from southern Buenos Aires, Province of Santa Fe and Cordova goes to the heart of Argentina for the most part occupied by the Pampas, intensively cultivated plains, where cattle ranching is an important role.
East of Argentina is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean from its southern tip to the Rio de la Plata, the name given to the broad estuary of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, whose banks are in Buenos Aires. The Atlantic brings not only the cold Antarctic currents of air and water, but also establishes the conditions for the existence of a fabulous marine life off the coast of Argentina, especially in the Atlantic known as Patagonia.

tango mas que un baile

Country, in large part with fertile land suitable for agriculture, Argentina became one of the largest food exporters in the world, meat and wheat, mainly.

Hotels in Buenos Aires – Argentina, the most recommended!

Attracted to urban tourism Cordova

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