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The city of Buenos Aires, located in Argentina, is one of the largest and most cosmopolitan of the world highlights, receiving thousands of tourists every day, all year long. Buenos Aires, full of culture and art where you look, stands as a tourist destination par excellence, offering activities and places to learn in each of its corners.

Tourists in Buenos Aires are the best tourism services that enable the city in all its facets, its most legendary, its people, their culture, traditions and customs. A city like Buenos Aires presents hotels everywhere. Hotels in Buenos Aires and many are very different in relation to its location, services, rates and categories.

The city of Buenos Aires-named “City of Design” by UNESCO, is a place full of cultural and artistic expressions, which can be seen in every corner of this spectacular city in Argentina.

Hotels Visited:
Hotels in Buenos Aires can be found in every neighborhood. Neighborhoods that accommodate more tourism, as its hotels are the most visited are San Telmo, Palermo, Recoleta, La Boca and Retiro. Not all hotels in Buenos Aires and in these districts are of the same nature as in a neighborhood may be different types of hotels. But, generally, all hotels in Buenos Aires bring an excellent service, friendly attention and great quality and warmth.

Most hotels in Buenos Aires varied in relation to the neighborhood where the services offered, the category and the rate they have. As well as Buenos Aires is multifaceted, so too is the diverse tourism destination chosen, forcing the hotels in Buenos Aires is ready to adapt and what they want to offer all types of tourists visiting the city .

There are hotels in Buenos Aires and first class hotels are also cheaper. There are boutique hotels, condominiums, hotels spa, plus many other lodging options in Buenos Aires. All these variants of accommodation in Buenos Aires, surely meet the needs of tourists and provide an unforgettable stay in this wonderful city.

Hotels 5 stars: (recommended)
For all those looking for luxury, reputation, higher quality and better service, Buenos Aires offers 5-star hotels like the Abasto Plaza Hotel Buenos Aires, the Alvear Palace Hotel, the Hotel Caesar Park Buenos Aires, the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, the Hilton, the Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel and the Sofitel Buenos Aires, among others.

Places to Visit:
On a vacation in Buenos Aires, Argentina, there are many places that can not be missed. The picturesque neighborhood of La Boca, the Japanese Garden, the delta of Tigre, the fair in San Telmo, the Obelisk, the imposing Basilica of Luján, the luxurious neighborhood of Recoleta and the Planetarium are just some of the many attractions that the city of Buenos Aires has to offer.

The city of Buenos Aires is also the city that never sleeps. ¨Nights in Buenos Aires are very rough and have all sorts of activities¨. With concerts, cinemas, concerts, bowling, bars, casinos, theaters and tearooms, the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina, do not let anyone go to bed until well past dawn.

Location of Hotels:
The city of Buenos Aires is divided into several districts and each has its own style and its own peculiarities. There are neighborhoods that are more touristy than others and this is where most hotels are housed in the city. Some of the most visited by tourists are in Buenos Aires: Recoleta, Retiro, La Boca, San Telmo, Puerto Madero and Palermo.

Hotels in Buenos Aires are shared, especially among those districts. In this city you can find all kinds of hotels, ranging from international to level the best hostels or lodgings far less expensive, simple and accessible.

5-star hotels are usually in the most elegant of the city. Among them are the neighborhood of Recoleta, the neighborhood of Retiro and Puerto Madero.

Recoleta is the most expensive area of Buenos Aires; there are hotels, most of 5 stars. Some of these 5-star hotels can appoint Recoleta Alvear Hotel, located on Avenida Alvear, the most elegant of the city, the Hotel Palacio Duhau, Park Hyatt and Buenos Aires.

Depending on your location, you choose your hotel, I hope you provide references.

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