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La Pampa. Argentina region which is located in central of country, a strategic location for land is the richest in Latin America and one of the most productive in the world. Extensive fields of cereals, a variety of vegetation and fauna, qualities that will surprise the visitor and you will always want to return to this haven of peace that mixes culture, sport and relaxation in a perfect symbiosis. No need to go to Tibet to meet with himself, in Pampa is a perfect balance that will make your visitors find me in the soul of Argentina.

This region has an area of 143,440 square kilometers, a population of 280,000 inhabitants, approximately, that translates into a density of 1.5 inhabitants per square kilometer. It was Indian territory until the end of last century and despite being a very modern and new regions of Argentina, nine thousand years ago, the Pampa is inhabited since prehistoric times.

Its capital is Santa Rosa, through which to achieve the most important tourist centers and the population of Argentina, a well-connected city, just an hour flight from Buenos Aires. This is a current and well kept city, home of many events that take place in the country, both cultural and political, social or economic.

Here, visitors can find a city where everything comes to pass, culture, relaxation and good views. For example, you can visit The Cathedral, located in Plaza San Martín, which has a modern facade with a composition in which stylized highlights twelve hexagons, symbolizing the mystical body of the church and the accompanying figures are twelve twelve apostles, completed with a larger figure representing Christ.

In this tour we can also find the House of Nazareth, has some beautiful gardens, a refuge for anyone who wants to open a permanent spiritual exercises.
Not forgetting the Museum of the Arts, where you can admire the splendid work of authors such as indigenous Soldi, Salazar Luna, and José O. Torres. And the Natural History Museum or the beautiful monastery of the Carmelites.

But to know the Pampa is best made a tour of his extensive territory where you will find untold beauty of natural parks, hot springs, areas to practice sports outdoors or rural tourism. As can be seen in this region, the variety of activities and places is enormous.

Natural Parks:
We started with the Park Luro. Forests, lakes and Medan show three natural scenes, ideal for hunting, because here is the biggest game of the World, created early last century by Pedro Olegario Luro. A natural environment where we can enjoy the wealth of fauna and flora Pampeana: deer, rheas, pumas and wild boars. A place that invites you to take long walks and trekking, where you can also do photographic safaris.

Another desired natural park area that is located in the Sierra de Lihué Calel, would lead to him walking past and it can be seen in cave paintings. There we met an exceptional microclimate and huge floral cast, exceptional camping, hiking or touring car. In this mountain range is the zero of the Scientific Society where we can try to make sense of the pictographs that have not yet been decrypted. Magic and legend in a place full of history.

Hot Springs:
At Pampa also can enjoy hot springs, like those of Guatraché, near the province of Buenos Aires, is a service center next to a lake of healing waters, which studies have shown that a high concentration of salts. The waters are heavily chloride, sulphate, calcácicas, magnesium and hipermarinas with a high therapeutic power. The stay in the springs where the water reaches a temperature of 32 degrees centigrade, is indicated for people with arthritis, rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago, sciatica, miositosis or skin such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and ulcers varicose.

While visitors seeking health can also visit the thermal Larroudé located at the edge of the Pampa in the province of Cordova, you can also find water similar to those of Guatraché.

But the tourism potential of the Pampas have not been exhausted here, this vast expanse is endless argentina, where you will find the best leather in the world and a cuisine rich in meats and sweets. And most importantly, a hospitality unusual feel at ease throughout the world. Its gentle people give the special touch to this land, which itself is splendid.

Only remains to say that riding on the Pampas is an essential and unforgettable adventure to savor the best of this region Argentina.

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