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Angola of a little-known tourist destination

miércoles, diciembre 16th, 2009

The tourist resort of Angola has long been a Portuguese colony as its official language is Portuguese, and indigenous religions are dominant throughout the country followed by Catholicism. About his territory extends for 1 250 000 km ² and has a total population of 10,600 000. After ending the Angolan civil war that lasted decades until 2002, tourism in Africa grew significantly and now is, along with its natural resources a great nation that has one of the highest rates of economic growth in Africa. (más…)

Goree Island – Senegal

domingo, octubre 25th, 2009

Goree Island

It is an island that is located across Senegal to Dakar, ideal to enjoy a good swim in the warm sea, stroll along the sandy streets and learn a history of a site that was a key point during the slave trade.

This island of Senegal only measures one kilometer long and wide. Dakar is located in front and to reach it you must cross by ferry, locally called chaloupe.

In Goree are beaches, good restaurants where you can eat fresh fish, sandy streets, and houses painted pastel green and blue. It is normal to see kids playing soccer in the streets, goats that are on the loose without any problems and businesses where you can buy masks from a West African oasis. Today it has become an island happy, but so long ago was a key site for the slave trade. When they arrived at the House of Slaves (now a museum) the prisoners lost their name and were identified with a number. The virgins and the strongest men were sent to the plantations of the Americas in boats. The weak and the sick were thrown overboard. And children, without mercy, were exchanged for a necklace or a mirror. (más…)

Your travel to Tunisia

domingo, octubre 25th, 2009

Mini tour of Tunisia. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, seduces us with its mosques, palaces, madrasahs and noisy souks are full of Carthaginians, Romans, Turks and French.

The medina, the ancient city is a good place to start learning. It is without doubt one of the most attractive of the Islamic world and is considered World Heritage by UNESCO. Being near a good plan or an official guide will give us the opportunity to move through this network of Arab and Ottoman architecture without problems.

Start the Grand Mosque (the Zituna) which is a nice XIII century temple open to non-Muslim audience in the morning and until the hour of prayer. (más…)

The 2010 World Cup – How and When to Book

domingo, octubre 4th, 2009

Aficionados al futbol por Esparta.

The global sports events creep into vast amounts of public venues where they develop skills. The Olympic Games or World Cup soccer challenge the organization of tourist services whenever they occur.

If you plan to travel to South Africa for the upcoming 2010 World know that you will have to be proactive if you want to go to fulfill your dream. This is one of those types of travel there is no room for improvisation. At least in regard to the basics: tickets, accommodation and tickets. (más…)

The ruins of Carthage in Tunisia

lunes, julio 13th, 2009

Places with History: Carthage, in Tunisia
Today we offer another trip through history, this time to find out which one of the greatest civilizations in human history and became the major economic power in the Mediterranean. It was founded by the Phoenicians in the thirteenth century BC under the name qart Haddast, a city that hardly began with an area of 50 km2, and over the centuries came to be a metropolitan area to 30,000 km2. The Carthaginian Empire was spread throughout the Mediterranean, with bases across northern Africa to Spain and across Ibiza and Sicily. (más…)

Tunisia: a journey between the sea and the desert

sábado, julio 11th, 2009

Tunisia, the most European countries in Africa. From sandy white beaches, deserts and oasis, town of whitewashed houses and blue windows, the archaeological ruins of Carthaginian and Roman times, Tunisia is the African paradise to relax, to enjoy the diving, the sailing, golf, of spas. Cities like Hammamet, Djerba and Tabarka or village of Sidi Bou Said, are places that should not stop visiting. (más…)

Traveling to Tunisia

jueves, junio 18th, 2009

Tunisia and the Tunisian Republic is located on the north coast of the Mediterranean and African country is the most European of Africa. 40% of its surface is occupied by the Sahara desert with its golden sands and mysterious oasis, but has on its coast white beaches and small villages that remind us a little by Greece with its whitewashed houses and doors and windows painted a bright blue. (más…)

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