Goree Island – Senegal

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Goree Island

It is an island that is located across Senegal to Dakar, ideal to enjoy a good swim in the warm sea, stroll along the sandy streets and learn a history of a site that was a key point during the slave trade.

This island of Senegal only measures one kilometer long and wide. Dakar is located in front and to reach it you must cross by ferry, locally called chaloupe.

In Goree are beaches, good restaurants where you can eat fresh fish, sandy streets, and houses painted pastel green and blue. It is normal to see kids playing soccer in the streets, goats that are on the loose without any problems and businesses where you can buy masks from a West African oasis. Today it has become an island happy, but so long ago was a key site for the slave trade. When they arrived at the House of Slaves (now a museum) the prisoners lost their name and were identified with a number. The virgins and the strongest men were sent to the plantations of the Americas in boats. The weak and the sick were thrown overboard. And children, without mercy, were exchanged for a necklace or a mirror.

Through four centuries between 12 and 15 million people were deprived of their name, separated from their families, beaten mercilessly and with great brutality and shipped to different destinations. During the year 1992, Pope John Paul II visited the island and stopped at the place where blacks were thrown into the sea apologized to Africa.

ansoumana on gorée island por staffan.

Senegal is a French site you choose as your destination when seeking venture in the former colonies. They feel very comfortable because they will talk to him in the same language, have many of their customs and you can also spend much less money. The Senegalese usually get into the water dressed in shirts and shorts, usually paddling or playing near the shore because the vast majority of them cannot swim.

The island since 1978 became part of World Heritage Sites, which is why it has invested enough money in your recovery. It does not circulate cars or motorcycles and wash very neat and careful. Several old houses were recycled and some familiar characters belong. Those who travel the island with a local guide would find it more of a millionaire has a property in the area.

In Goree are a church and a mosque, which is one of the oldest in the country. At night, tourists and vendors leave the island, Jaque left alone, and the muezzin calls to prayer from a loudspeaker that can be heard from one end to another of the island. At the eastern end is the top of Gorge where you can see the old tile roofs and the remains of a castle.

Gorée Island RC Cathedral por dantoujours.

Useful Data

Dakar To gain entrance you need to be vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus. It is also recommended to take malaria pills.
Senegal’s currency is called CFA franc. One euro is equivalent to 635 CFA. On the island of Gorée there are no banks or ATMs.
The only inn is the Hostellerie du Chevalier de Boufflers is built in honor of a Frenchman in love with the island in colonial times, lived there.

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