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Safari in Masai Mara

Martes, junio 16th, 2009

The animal world has always attracted the attention of generations and generations of men. Those parts of that game so many times we have seen in films of Africa and, over time, have become fortunate in photographic safaris are examples of the interest that every day is waking up to this kind of tourism. (más…)

Johannesburg, city of gold and diamonds

Viernes, mayo 15th, 2009

Johannesburg, city of gold and diamonds

This city had never been a tourist destination. Its creation resulted from the needs of the gold mining in the late nineteenth century and that is why Johannesburg is not near any river, port and crossroads, which could provide some beautiful countryside and its recent history has left no monuments reputation. (más…)

Parks of Madagascar

Domingo, mayo 10th, 2009

In the Indian Ocean lies the Republic of Madagascar, an island archipelago that includes different. Separated from the African continent by the Mozambique Channel 165 million years ago, is one of the largest natural reserves of the world. The international environmental associations emphasize the high value of both its fauna and flora. This is precisely the aim of our route, in particular the island of Madagascar and its magnificent natural parks.

Madagascar is about the size of the Iberian Peninsula, making it the fourth largest island in the world. (más…)

Brazzaville, Congo in the heart of!

Jueves, abril 30th, 2009


The African continent is seldom a reference for tourists. Exceptions, such as Egypt or some Mediterranean cities, Africa is synonymous with the social migration, poverty, the desert. But I never travel for pleasure. Of course, one glaring error.
To the south of the continent, the Sahara, are even less destinations promoted by the agencies. Perhaps South Africa and safari, but it seems no other for the industry. (más…)

Serengeti Park, a jewel of Nature

Jueves, abril 23rd, 2009

The fifteen thousand square kilometers are home, are one of the largest concentrations of wildlife and the world’s most beautiful and evocative horizons of the African continent. For some, the Serengeti is the center of a vast African manifestation of nature that stretches across the Kenyan border, including the Park-Masai Mara on the northern banks of the River Mara. (más…)

Cape Verde: The cultural fusion of Portuguese and African

Miércoles, marzo 25th, 2009

The volcanic Republic of Cape Verde is an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Senegal, in the fifteenth century was used as a center for the Portuguese slave trade. Apart from the beaches that offer these islands, you can enjoy the mountain scenery and offering impressive volcanoes, delicious seafood dishes, culture and an attractive product mix African and Portuguese, which is reflected in music and various celebrations. (más…)

Tunisia the desert country of mirages

Sábado, febrero 21st, 2009


Tunis Cathedral by detengase.

The Franco-Tunisian Arabic (officially Republic of Tunisia) attracts with its three thousand years of history to hundreds of visitors per year. This beautiful country lies between two completely different landscapes, embracing the diversity of the Sahara desert in Africa and the Mediterranean coast and surrounded by Algeria and Libya to the west to the east and south. Going north from the capital city will arrive at the fabled ruins of Carthage, where time seems to take us back several centuries and a trip to the glorious past.

The Mediterranean climate of Tunisia makes it a paradise of warm waters and sunny days cooled by gentle breezes throughout the year. Summers are hot and dry, while winter is more humid. The interior is characterized by higher rainfall in winter and higher temperature during the summer. The days are cooler between October and May, while the highest heat produced in July and August. (más…)

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