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The tourist resort of Angola has long been a Portuguese colony as its official language is Portuguese, and indigenous religions are dominant throughout the country followed by Catholicism. About his territory extends for 1 250 000 km ² and has a total population of 10,600 000. After ending the Angolan civil war that lasted decades until 2002, tourism in Africa grew significantly and now is, along with its natural resources a great nation that has one of the highest rates of economic growth in Africa.

How to visit in Angola?
In addition to cities like Malange, Benguela, Cabinda, Cangamba, Chissamba, Lubango, Luanda is one of the most interesting cities to see in this country. Luanda is a port founded by the Portuguese in 1576 and current capital of Angola. It could visit the castle of St. Michael, built in 1638. Luanda has a beautiful bay whose narrow end bars and restaurants are proliferating on the beach, although the good hotels in Luanda are scarce. Despite nearly 25 years of civil war, road infrastructures are acceptable within the framework Sahara.

Also Mussulo island is precious, and can be reached in a few boats (speedboats Kuanza per person by 1000 the first leg, another 1000 return. Recommendable visit.

The climate in Angola:
The northern Angola has many hot and humid summers. In contrast, winters are cold and dry. Moreover, southern Angola is warm all year round, although temperatures drop only slightly in winter.  The dry season in Angola from May to September, while the rainy season is between the months of October through April. Another important fact is that temperature variations are significant between day and night, due to the influence of trade winds. Yet on the coast presents a fairly mild climate.

Important Facts:
To visit Angola should take precautions, especially with the theme of the respective vaccines recommended by both Spanish authorities as FAA (required). In addition to normal precautions before traveling to a country that despite having large economic gains are economic chasms between people, so no going out with bags, mobiles good or jewelry, watches etc …

- Bring the mosquito repellant, and that there are many.
- At the airport, to catch the bags usually come one type (as in many airports) that tells you that if you give money, get the suitcase that passes through the detector. Skip it and no problems.
- No taxis, so get yourself a car with driver or something to move.

Eating in Angola may be looking for something affordable cost about 10 or 12 euros (Kuanza 1000 to 1500), for example in bar panel, which is a room just below the Continental Hotel, and finding a hotel is better in time that cojerlo the hotel offer is not as great as other countries/cities.
Accommodation in Angola:

In Luanda, Angola tourist destination, the hotel offer truly rare for tourists… although there are many hotels there are two that stand out for others, Hotel Alvalade and the Tropic Hotel for the excellent tourist destination of Luanda.

These two hotels in Luanda are of the same chain, however, the Alavalade is closer to the airport and the tropics is more central and therefore is less expedient to reach or to leave their premises.

Alvalade Hotel
Located in a privileged area of the city (district of Alvalade), Hotel Alvalade offers all the comfort, quality and safety that tourists need for a comfortable stay. All facilities are designed to please the users, and the success of business meetings and leisure.

In the hotel there are 202 rooms, of which 14 are in a suite. You can choose between viewing an island (7 suites) and a view of the city (7 Suites). There is also a room for disabled, too, and all rooms are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, Internet, telephone and mini bar. To provide visitors there is also a private garage with 70 parking spaces.

According to some visitors, the room is normal, good or bad. It is an equivalent to a 4-star Spanish. In the case of internet, has a WIFI network in the entire hotel.

Address: Av Comandante Groves, Luanda, Republic of Angola

Tropico Hotel
As you know, there are many alternatives to choose from but the second hotel the Tropico in Luanda, after all, is clean, has a nice gym and spa, and the food is good. That itself is quite expensive as the price / quality, something very common in most things in Luanda. There’s also WiFi in the rooms, some not so common in European hotels, in the end.

Address: Rua da Missão, 103, Luanda, Republic of Angola

Other Options
If the tourist money is wrong, it’s hard to stay in Luanda, but there are other possibilities. Some visitors say that have got accommodation in a home for nuns, which they have taken the modest price of 80 euros for a dorm room during a stay of one week.

Good Luck!

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