The 2010 World Cup – How and When to Book

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Aficionados al futbol por Esparta.

The global sports events creep into vast amounts of public venues where they develop skills. The Olympic Games or World Cup soccer challenge the organization of tourist services whenever they occur.

If you plan to travel to South Africa for the upcoming 2010 World know that you will have to be proactive if you want to go to fulfill your dream. This is one of those types of travel there is no room for improvisation. At least in regard to the basics: tickets, accommodation and tickets.

Just the 4th of December will be announced the 32 teams will play where they are classified. There are 10 regional offices in the first phase and where you play your selection to draw your route.

From here to there you have only one thing to do: take the decision to travel. Do not leave it for later, or wait for the “best time” to decide. Study your options according to a general tentative budget. If you see that out of hand, this is the time to put your plans aside.

But if you get to travel, you must be careful. From day 4, beginning a career very short but very intense. Tour operators are the ones who handle the bulk of the entries. Do not believe in miracle cures, online auctions, friends of friends, or providential “last minute”.

Who decides to cross the world to go see a World Cup, make sure the tickets in time to enjoy your selection. No chances. And unless something happens very serious, will not fail to attend under any circumstances. In this traveler is moved by passion, go anyway.

We said from the definition of tables and seats will start appearing programs that include all services. Honestly, I recommend that you study in detail. Many clubs or associations usually prepare their own, often a portion of a larger quota of large operators.

Can I organize my trip on my own?

Yes, of course. Today you have many tools in your hand to get it. But remember it now.

In that race we mentioned there are the local operators and pre-paid booking accommodation block. In some cases they do with all the seats available for travel and accommodation. Do not stay outside. Act with speed, find your route, reservations and prepaid transportation and hotel.

For later may be studying how to move within South Africa. Airplane, rent a car, a caravan, and so on.

Nor put it off much later: 6 months before the start of the World would have to have all confirmed services. At least for the first phase (hopefully you have to “find solutions” to stay until the day of the final).  Be proactive and you can travel safely and good prices.

If you are fanatical football, sure you paint your face and sure you will find with other countrymen.

Who knows for souvenir photo?

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