Tulum one of the wonders of Mexico

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Tulum one of the wonders of Mexico

Tulum is one of the places of the Riviera Maya that still retains nearly its original beauty. This population (which has grown by millions of tourists who visit the area each year) and has only one street that corresponds to the main road (Ave. Tulum) that reaches Chetumal hostels can be found at reasonable prices, cheap eats and all kinds of souvenirs related to some Mexican crafts. But the beauty of Tulum is located on the beach and maybe in small Mayan ruins are one of the best postcards of the area.


Photography by Pete Sulick
The Beaches of Tulum:

The beaches of Tulum are one of the most spectacular and well cared for in the Riviera Maya as well as lonely, so whoever wants to be quiet unspoilt beach in the Caribbean, Tulum is the ideal place for these tourists.

From the ruins and to the Biosphere Reserve Sian Ka’an, over 10 kilometers of beaches are small complex with cabins (there are few hotels or almost none) so you can enjoy these places. Most cabins to 5 meters from the shore and use wind energy for water wells and solar energy for electricity, so some cabins do not have light at night. Most of these complexes advertise ecotourism. In addition many of the cabins do not have bathrooms.

Tulum one of the wonders of Mexico

Photography by Redeo

Tulum Cabanas:

These inconveniences discussed are rewarded by the place, but we recommend that you leave nothing of value ever in the cabins.

The ruins of Tulum:

The Tulum ruins are the third most visited in all of Mexico (after Teotiuhacán and Chichen Itza). Being close to Cancun and the Riviera Maya almost makes most tourists can visit easily. Everything and this statistic, we must comment that is not the most beautiful at all, but are a nice example of some best-preserved Mayan buildings in the country besides being an incredible sight in front of the Caribbean.

The Temple of the God of Wind in Tulum:

We suggest you in a swimsuit so you can enjoy the ruins from the water!

Tulum of Mexico

Photography by joiseyshowaa

The castle ruins of Tulum on the Caribbean Sea:

To reach the entrance of the ruins from the parking lot is a short walk of 5 or 10 minute walk, but you can do on a small train. Walk do not walk any hellish as some local advertising.

Tips to enjoy Tulum:

– Do not miss the cenotes! The cenotes are large pools of fresh water (and cold) that can be on the surface or in creating caves, stalagmites and stalactites.

– Also can go from Tulum to Coba. To find cabin for the night, we recommend you go visit different facilities and negotiating prices, but managers are very reluctant to lower the price of lodging. We let you know that prices are very high, with cabins (with bath) from the $ 100 a night.

– If you have the opportunity to do snorkeling, diving or snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea, where you can easily see lots of flora and fauna a few meters from the shore. Sometimes you can see turtles in some cenotes, or laying eggs at night on the beach. Do not bully or make them flash photos!

– Monitor with insects, we suggest that the bed has its own mosquito net because the mosquitoes are most active Tulum. And in the case that the floor of the cabin is the sand of the beach, watch out for scorpions and crabs.

Enjoy the site, and be respectful of nature!

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