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Colorado Travel: The train that climbs mountains

martes, abril 20th, 2010

M&PPRy 18 & 19 por Len@Loblolly Photo.

Photo: Len@Loblolly 

The Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway, Colorado Springs, is a railway which climbs the steep slope of a mountain 4302 meters high to the summit. With a sprocket which is mounted by a special path in the middle of the traditional ways, is the highest cog railway in the world and works since 1891.

Train travel, even in the XXI century, they retain a certain «do not know what» and a romantic air of other times. The sense of motion is pleasant, the sound of the buzzer excited and, in some cases, the journey can take a lot of adrenaline if it is the highest cog railway in the world: the Manitou & Pikes Peak. This particular railroad is located in the Pikes Peak, the most visited mountain in North America (and the second most visited in the world after Mount Fuji in Japan), 16 km west of the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. While you can reach the summit by car or on foot (by the Barr Trail) the most striking is undoubtedly on board this train, a distance of 14 miles, climb up to 4302 meters. (más…)

Tours to San Diego – California

martes, abril 13th, 2010

Balboa Park San Diego CA por Mario Osuna.

It is the most famous resort city on the west coast with its many beaches and attractions. If you know something different in mind the upcoming holidays, San Diego is a great alternative. It is located southwest of California and is the second largest city in this mega U.S. state. The county is just north of the Mexican border, bordering the famous Tijuana. It is a destination with miles of beaches and pleasant Mediterranean climate all year round, with average daytime temperatures of 21 º C in winter rarely go below 10 º C. (más…)

San Antonio – Texas: historical, picturesque and proud

jueves, marzo 18th, 2010

El Álamo, San Antonio, Texas por El Centinela.

Personal, warm, original, different. This defines the inhabitants of San Antonio to their city. Not for nothing, often say with pride that San Antonio is along with New Orleans, San Francisco and Boston one of only four cities that can not be compared with any other U.S..

The statement does not seem wrong, and probably be part of that great personality to its historical mark, the mixing of cultures and traditions, including Latin roots stand out from the southern-mark over two thirds of the population is Mexican origin, and the provincial air that is evident in its inhabitants. (más…)

Your visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona

viernes, marzo 5th, 2010

Your visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona will be one of the key moments of your trip to the U.S. west coast. Where you can also go by different viewpoints to enjoy the incredible panoramic views of the deep canyon of the Colorado River, you can do some sightseeing or tourist activities.

Here summarizes seven trips or tourist activities to do during your visit to the Grand Canyon.

1. Flying over the Grand Canyon by helicopter (más…)

Advantages of tourism with the «New York City Pass»

jueves, marzo 4th, 2010

Nueva York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Foto: Mara Espiño by Ciudades Creativas. 

By acquiring the New York City Pass, for its price $ 79 (children, $ 59), we have access to six major attractions of New York, the Empire State Building, the Museum of Natural Sciences (including the Rose Center ), the Museum of Modern Art MOMA, the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum, to choose, the cruise to visit the Isle of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, or a two-hour cruise around Manhattan. A great advantage of travel right?. (más…)

Ecotourism in Colima of Mexico

domingo, febrero 21st, 2010

Laguna de Carrizalillos por THe cUriOUs OYsTEr.

Colima’s name comes from «Colliman» Nahuatl word which designated the old kingdom or lordship: Colli, means hill, volcano or grandfather and Maitl, hand or domain, ie: «Place conquered by our grandparents ‘, or’ Place which dominates the Old God or God of Fire «, referring to the volcano.

The region now occupied by the state of Colima was the seat of several pre-Columbian cultures that flourished in western Mexico. In the early sixteenth century, the Tarascan or Purépecha out to conquer the territory of the Tecos and reached the nitrate of Tzacoalco, however, the Colimotl hueytlatoani defeated in the famous «War of saltpeter. A victory over the Purépecha, the Tecos in turn undertook the conquest of Sayula Zapotlan and Amula. (más…)

Public transport travel and my experience in New Jersey

lunes, diciembre 14th, 2009

New Jersey, is a little over an hour from New York. Travel by public transport, is this a way to leverage local transportation, such as saving booklets with train schedules, or know for example what are the peak hours, how to put better at the station to ascend as quickly as possible the train, among other things. And besides, look to know which bus lines run through the area. It is not the typical tourist experience. Do not say it is neither better nor worse, simply that I had to go beyond knowing only the New York subway, a topic that already deserves another entry. (más…)

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