Yellowstone: The oldest national park in the world

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Each year the park wear more than 2 million tourists who are attracted by geothermal phenomena such as geysers and hot springs. Most of Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming, United States, however lies a small part of its territory to neighboring states of Idaho and Montana.

Yellowstone Boardwalk

Photography by dicktay2000

Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world. It was created in 1872 and has an area of 8983 sq km park is the second largest of the United States, behind Alaska.

Each year the park wear more than 2 million tourists who are attracted by geothermal phenomena such as geysers and hot springs. But it is also famous for the fumaroles, the grand canyon, forests and wilderness areas, in addition to the great lake, with a port that makes it very attractive for water sports like canoeing, which is a favorite . Yellowstone Park also offers an important historical heritage. More than a thousand places can be visited within the same and has a collection that brings together some 200,000 objects. The National Park Service manages nine museums and visitor centers, responsible for 2000 historic buildings.

All these places are connected by the Grand Loop Road, the highway that runs through the park.

Black bears, grizzlies, coyotes, wolves, moose, deer, and wild herds of bison and wapiti are the indigenous inhabitants of these lands.

Hunting is prohibited in the park, however in authorized hunting season in the surrounding forests, fishing is allowed but must hold a permit issued by park staff.

Yellowstone: The oldest national park in the world

Photography by Peter Shanks

Other nature reserves that can be found in this region are: the National Forest Caribou-Targhee, Gallatin National Forest, Custer National Forest and Shoshone National Forest.

The nearest urban area is the city of Salt Lake City, about 500 km to the south.

Two of the most imposing natural attractions in the park are:

1. The Old Faithful, Old Faithful-geyser is one of the most popular and recognized the world, manages to erupt about 30 thousand liters of boiling water to 55 meters high and is credited with something like 37 000 eruptions recorded to date.

2. The Grand Prismatic Source is one of the most spectacular fountains in the world for his show of vivid colors and bright. The shores of the lagoon, characterized by their orange color, are actually a massive mycobacterial biofilm composed of pigmented microorganisms. The color of the biofilm is variable, being green and orange in winter, the rest of the year. The intense heat in the center of the source, makes this part is kept pure and bright blue, giving an incredible visual contrast with respect to its shores.

Yellowstone of tourism

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Housing and infrastructure in Yellowstone Park:

Yellowstone Park also offers plenty of accommodation options and general infrastructure. Some 3700 people work in the park to assist properly to visitors.

The National Park Service, regentea a first aid station throughout the year, also run service stations, shops and campsites. There are over 2,000 camping sites. Camping is also in the forests surrounding the park, but also in the nature reserve of Grand Teton National Park, located a little further south. You can access some of the most remote campsites on horseback, but you must have a permit.

Yellowstone Park nature reserve

Photography by Peter Shanks

It is noteworthy that the price of hotel rooms in Yellowstone Park nature reserve, is regulated to be accessible to more people.

A dealer group manages nine hotels totaling 2238 rooms. One of these hotels called Old Faithful, was built between 1903 and 1904 and is a historical relic greatly appreciated.

The hotel offers breathtaking views from their rooms to keep, even today, part of the appeal of early last century.

The Dunraven Lodge is in the Canyon Lodge and is one of the outstanding hotels in the park. It is one of the most modern buildings. The rooms are large and well furnished (with furniture of post). Dunraven The building is located in the rear of the complex is very quiet accommodation and y. .. as in all apartments in Yellowstone, no TVs.

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