Canada: The many faces of Toronto

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Toronto is the economic center of Canada is also one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the West, quite a surprise for the unwary traveler. From the colorful immigrant neighborhoods to the most modern architecture, there is too much to see.

All roads lead to Toronto

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The CN Tower is a place that doubled in height to the loftiest skyscrapers of Downtown, so the visit allows a clear picture of how the city is displayed next to the huge Lake Ontario. The view is spectacular, but on windy days (which are rare) have to bear the giant swing, yes, it is noted that the tower moves. Fans, of course, can be installed in the floor of the revolving restaurant for between entry and dessert, have an impressive 360 ° panorama.

After meeting her from below and well above what’s left is to go back to the surface. In that sense, when the temperature permits (especially May-October), it is a very walkable city. From the City, where the CN Tower, just a few minutes walk from Yonge to face, extensive and hipercomercial main street of Toronto. From there you can turn into Queen Street West, Toronto to feel younger and alternative (there are designers, bars, music stores still survive and even television channel Much Music). Or you can take Church Street, where the gay parade, or the fashionable Bloor Street, and back to the hotel carrying large bags with logos well known, or to Cabbagetown, a reservoir of Victorian houses.

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Musical in Toronto: From the Italian opera to hip hop street

If the idea is to learn from Toronto artist, hardly an Italian opera at the Four Seasons Centre For The Performing Arts seems an obvious starting point. However, it works. At the end of the day, for tourists the show does not go through the stage, but by the public and the building itself, on the corner of Queen and University, a rather bohemian district of the city. Opened in 2006, the Board respects the structure of a classic five-story theater, but settled with an ultra-contemporary design and lots of wood, a Canadian symbol. The sound is incredible and one can feel close to Cio-Cio-San and Pinkerton even from the farthest seat, which equates things between those who pay $ 320 and paid 70.

Volumes could be written on multiculturalism in Toronto, but is easier to summarize it this way: it is a city in which after the opera you can dine in a local restaurant run by a Portuguese Russian girl with a small Korean market. A few blocks away, upstairs at The Mocambo, legendary live music haven opened in 1946, is a party with hip hop artists … Sikhs. Yes, rap of India, for about 200 immigrants or children of immigrants sijistas in Toronto, all with their beards and turbans and bangles. Where the main number of the night, is one such Humble The Poet, which shakes the floor. 

Do not miss …

After a multimillion reform by local architect Frank Gehry, in 2008, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) was transformed into a work of art in itself, worthy of knowing even beyond his valuable collection of 4000 pieces. The large wooden structures on the front and at each stairway, for example, are worth visiting.

The Distillery

This is a good place to lose a half day, the site is located in an area of several brick buildings of the mid-nineteenth century, since at that site began operating a thriving distillery. Today is a red-foot complex of restaurants, designer shops, ateliers of local artists and hire a Segway (and futuristic electric vehicle to be transported standing on a platform with two parallel wheels).


Vaughan Mills is a shopping outlet. It is out of town, but it is easy to get because it has a free bus service from the train station, at different times. Besides the great brands and value prices, the special section is outdoors, with camping gear, hunting and fishing, a Canadian weakness.

The Vaughan Mill Mall

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St. Lawrence Market

The attraction here is obvious, almost nothing better in town to explore its more traditional food markets. But it also has its share of souvenirs in the St. Lawrence Market, 200 years right in the center of the city, the fort is food: meat, dairy, vegetables. All neatly presented in stands that ultimately realize the neat local idiosyncrasies. The usual ritual for connoisseurs is to buy a peameal bacon sandwich (pork leg) and eat at the Carousel Bakery bar or at tables on the terrace, where you can enjoy the sun.

Niagara Falls:

The classic trip from Toronto to visit Niagara Falls in the state of Ontario near the U.S. border. By train is a journey of two hours, which can cost about 40 Canadian dollars (round trip). Once at the falls, which typically make a short voyage to almost under the falling water. You can also walk a few tunnels in the rock, leaving just behind the falls, or helicopter flying over the place of 118 Canadians.

Canada: The many faces of Toronto

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