A cruise on the Mekong River in Thailand

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KAP Mekong -Luang Say por Pierre Lesage.

Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam share a history as old as the recent wars and French colonial influences, but the Mekong River, which joins and separates them in many places geographically, and that runs through much of Laos’s border with Myanmar, the former Burma, and Thailand, followed by Cambodia and Vietnam to lead the South China Sea. Can you imagine a little cruise down the river?.

The VAT on the barge Phou Mekong
One day, the Mekong River was the main artery of the Angkor Empire and remains a ubiquitous symbol of the whole Indochina, along which emerged and flourished the most important cities and places. At present, temples, bustling market towns and forgotten their flank Eternas Riveras are full and green lands.

We do our little cruise on VAT Phou, a barge and renovated with great taste with only 12 cabins. There is a three day cruise on the river Mekong, which include land excursions with a full pension, for 300 euros per person. It’sa fascinating journey for the stretch of river that includes part of Laos, is spellbinding and very little known, where you can observe from the deck of the barge varnished wood, a huge gallery full of charm.

Land excursions are interesting. Visit some of the most important places in Laos, especially the VAT Phou Temple, a succession of small churches built between the VI and XIV centuries, high in the hills. The climbing up the stairs to the hill to the ruins of one of the temples of the eleventh century, dedicated to Hindu god Shiva, which are spectacular. This magnificent setting framed by the majestic mountain Parvata Linga is a privileged viewpoint from which one can admire the wonderful landscape, which includes Vietnam and Cambodia on a clear day, because when it rains it is torrential … It is idyllic to contemplate the skyline of the Mekong River and its small fishing boats meandering along the fertile lowland villages filled.

Falls of Phapheng:
Downstream is Moungar Oum. This is the Khmer temple, which was one of the least developed probably used as a station for pilgrims on their way. Oum Moungar is little more than a romantic ruins, with sizes smaller and less spectacular than the VAT Phou. The most interesting is the tour to be given through the jungle to get to there, beginning at a settlement on the banks of the river in which life seems to have stopped in the XIII and XIV, when it was the temple.

at the foot of khon phapheng fall por mrcharly.

Oum Moungar visit after meeting with the falls roaring from Phapheng, the largest in the South-Eastern Asia, and a succession of small islands, almost 4000, around the Lower Mekong, near the border with Cambodia. The outputs of these cruises are run from the city of Pakxe Thursdays and Saturdays, from July to April.

How to get there?
We need to get to the airport in Bangkok, and from here the only way to link it with Pakxe via another flight that takes us to the local airport in the city.

Here you can find a flight to Bangkok. Then you’re ready to start your cruise!

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