Bangkok – Thailand

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Bangkok – Thailand

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand in every way. Herein lies the royal family, stands the Government and the Administration, and is the largest center for industrial, commercial and financial of the country. Is the main port of the kingdom and home to a tenth of its population. Bangkok is also the main gate of the country and the most important attraction for tourism.

Its silhouette is formed by high-rise office buildings, apartments, luxury hotels, department stores and malls, while the streets buzzing activity.

Thai cuisine, modern delights:
As much as Thai that respects tradition, there are funny people who like to enjoy the pleasures of life. And most importantly, have fun with good food. Thai cuisine, rich in spices, is a real delight for gourmets, combining a variety of dishes to taste and describe. Seafood is a national specialty, and fish, crabs, lobster or shrimp are to be tasted, seasoned with spices or Thai-style recipes as Westerners.

Bangkok Cuisine

There is also restaurants exclusive European-style dining in a classical framework. Choose what you want, because Bangkok, pampers the palate around the world with a selection of styles that encompasses each of the national cuisine worthy of the name. Harmonize the variety of menus is what is carried in places where people are given an appointment for dinner. From the simple but tasty, food kerbside to elegant and expensive restaurants and cruise on the river, passing through the full range of potential diners, there’s always something to satisfy every palate.

Bangkok Cuisine

Bangkok a world full of mystery and fun:
After dinner the night in Bangkok, offers exciting attractions. Thai traditional dance from the bars or nightclubs with the latest sound and lighting. Something unique to Thailand is the traditional sport of kick boxing, a form of boxing especially exciting in that, in addition to fists, protected by gloves, using feet, knees and elbows. The battles take place almost every night in one of boxing stadiums in Bangkok. It is the most popular spectator sport in the country, not to be missed.

Alongside the traditional Thai entertainment, the cultural offerings of Bangkok events increasingly have a classic. Plays, ballets and concerts take place regularly in the best theaters in the Cultural Center of Thailand, but also in stadiums, major hotels and foreign cultural centers. Here have acted from the Bolshoi Ballet stars like Michael Jackson, and the best comedies to Broadway musicals to opera and music.

The rich and varied surroundings:
No need to travel more than two or three hours from Bangkok, there are many possibilities for unforgettable excursions, including very different and totally different from what the city offers. West of Bangkok is Kanchanaburi, where it erected the infamous Bridge on the River Kwai, built by Allied prisoners during World War II. The environment of incomparable natural beauty defined by mountains and covered with serrated profile vegetation and wooded river valleys delighted Kwai Yai and Kwai Noi.

the city bangkok to thailand

Things that cannot be seen in Kanchanaburi are the way to the famous Floating Market and Phra Pathom Chedi, the highest Buddhist monument in the world. On the way also is the Rose Garden, a place of holiday and cultural center that provides a good introduction to life traditional thai.

Phra Pathom Chedi at Nakhon Pathom by tricherson.

North of Bangkok extends the central plains, a vast and fertile area into a patchwork of emerald green meadows, where grows the rice. In the heart of the region, some 80 km from Bangkok, Ayutthaya is. Thai was the capital for 400 years until its destruction in 1767, and the ruins of many temples that are today an unparalleled glimpse of what was once the largest city and wonderful all the East. Further north is the Ayutthaya Lop Buri. The city is normal, but its surroundings are very interesting ruins of the pre-Khmer and Thai of the seventeenth century, when King Narai established his court here. Historically, Lop Buri is one of the most attractive cities of Thailand. A popular family attraction is the crocodile farm is 30 km southwest of Bangkok. There are 30,000 reptiles, and is considered the largest in the world.

bangkok of the city

For those who prefer to stay on the beach doing nothing, there are different styles and holiday destinations without leaving too much of Bangkok. Just two hour’s drive south of Pattaya is the capital, in the Gulf of Thailand. It is a colorful and vibrant with a range of water sports if parallel, which binds a wide variety of entertainment on land that prevent visitors have a single dull moment, or night or day.

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