Vacations in Burma

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Burma, Union of Myanmar, is one of tourist destinations in Southeast Asia along with Thailand, India or Bangladesh. It is a site that appears to Western eyes full of mystery and exoticism, and that every year receives tourists arrive eager to meet you.

If you’re thinking then visit here are some things you should know. For example, what does climate in this country? Well, you have three very strong: a terribly hot summer March to May, monsoon from May to October and a winter cold and dry from November to February. The temperature is maintained more or less constant and ranges from 15 º C in winter to 30 º C in summer with a sticky humidity and annoying, so it is best to go between November and February.

The only requirement is that you have come to bring your passport and a tourist visa for 28 days that is acquired at embassies and consulates for $ 18. Talking about money is better to carry U.S. dollars instead of traveler’s checks and credit cards, as many hotels, shops and restaurants do not accept. The local currency is the kyat, and although not mandatory may be a 5% tip in restaurants, taxis, tour guides and porters.

However, before going to Burma need vaccinated against polio, yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A, malaria and cholera. Even if you plan to stay a long time and travel to rural areas need vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis. And the best thing is be careful with the mosquitoes, the malaria and dengue fever, and the animals that may have rabies.

This is one of the countries with lower crime rates and to avoid public demonstrations, and evening sections of the border with Thailand will not have any problem. However, by location where they do what exclusives, saying that be aware that the Burmese did not look good to show affection in public, playing the adult in the head, wear shoes indoors, talking to women talk high or low riding clothes.

Tourism sites:
Mandalay, the capital markets, pagodas and imperial cities. Bago, a port town with colonial architecture, pagodas, lakes and mausoleums. And Pagan, more temples and pagodas of many centuries.

Myanmar: Bago por patrikmloeff.

Of course the night life is very busy, filled with nightclubs, restaurants also clear, all are very centrally located and part of the beach, where in fact spend well, thanks to its climate.

Burma is suitable for everyone!

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