Traveling to Kathmandu in Nepal

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Today a holiday in Kathmandu is not as difficult as before, and that with this legendary city has traditionally been one of the most inaccessible parts of the world. The capital of Nepal is the best place to start a series of trips around the country, traveling intensive traditions, unique architecture and a fascinating Hindu and Buddhist culture.

The best times to visit Kathmandu are the months of October and November and March and April when the weather is warm and sunny. Winters, from November to February are extremely cold while summer is very humid and hot. The rain soaked the region between June and September.

Kathmandu, with its snow-capped mountains, green hills and traditional villages with whitewashed houses, their rich temples and sacred sites.

Visits in Kathmandu:
Be a tour of first-degree crime cannot begin our visit to Kathmandu Durbar Square, World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This plaza is the social and religious center of the ancient city of Kathmandu, is a complex of palaces, temples, shrines, statues and courtyards built between the twelfth and eighteenth centuries by the ancient kings of Nepal.

The square mixing modern and ancient. Temples with curved roofs, and wandering priests of Brahma doing their rituals, vendors of souvenirs among the crowd, and one other cow, not just tourism. The lions guard the gates of the Palacio Real, which contains a large number of courtyards and museums. Across the plaza is the Temple Kasthamandap, with its pyramidal tower, the oldest building in the valley, and making the city of Kathmandu derives its name.

Inside the Palace of the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square is the Tribhuvan Museum, where the figure of this king (1906-1955), who helped liberate the country from the Rana regime in 1951. Their galleries showed photographs, paintings and portraits of other Shah rulers and members of the royal family. You cannot take pictures inside.

From there we go now to Swayambhunath Stupa … better than trying to pronounce it, let’s contemplate the wonderful golden needle century V. The building crowns a hill overlooking the Kathmandu Valley and offers magnificent views of the city. This building is a symbol of Nepal and is also considered as a World Heritage Site. This is one of the most sacred places for Buddhists in Nepal.

The multitude of other temples makes up the city of Kathmandu. One is Kumari Bahal, the Temple of the Goddess of Life. Another of the great temples of the sacred is Pasupathinath, God of all living beings in the universe. Is in the midst of an open courtyard in the form of a pagoda. Shivalinga Temple is a temple dedicated to Shiva, but different from any Shiva temple you can see anywhere in the world.

In fact, the early morning hours are the best times to enjoy Kathmandu. Still, many restaurants are closed even at 21.30, and the bars do not sell alcohol from 22.00 hours. However, if we go to the outskirts of the city, the Guest House, its alleys if we provide some nocturnal activity.

Bars like the streets of Thamel and Freak Street, or the restaurants in the area are ideal in the early hours of the night. However, eye, ever alert to our hotel if we go a little later in the account. We must also bear in mind that the bars in this area are an ideal place for young Nepalese, who were eager to meet with Western women. It also recommends some bars and restaurants offering traditional dance music and live entertainment.

Thamel, Kathmandu at night por Crystal, Mario & the Bean.

How to get there?
Nepal International Airport is five miles east of downtown. To get from Kathmandu to the airport you can take a taxi from there on the edge of the terminal. There are also buses that leave from the airport and take us to the center, Ratna Park and the old bus station.
Transportation in Kathmandu:

The first thing we see in Kathmandu is that the streets have no name, except for major roads such as Tri Devi and Ring Road. Often, the signs that will give us the proximity of a temple, a building or a notable restaurant. The city can travel on foot, though not always a pleasant walk.

The historical center, we can ride, and which are prohibited entry of motor vehicle, to stop pollution. Taxis are easy to find, as they are in the main streets and parks. Make sure that every taxi meter is well specified, because we can play a bad pass. As of 2300 hours is more difficult to find taxis.

The bus system in Kathmandu is very cheap, but often very congested. The routes are marked in English. Most of them depart from the old bus station to the plaza de Tundikhel. Buses operate from 05.30 to 21.00.

Good luck!

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