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Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan after Tokyo. In its metropolitan area is home to a population of over three million people. The most striking find that there is the Marine Tower, one of the largest artificial structures around the globe. Thence observe magnificent views over the city, as well as an interesting museum of toys in its third floor.

In China Town, we will tour its streets filled with shops, restaurants and especially the original aesthetic decoration. In the city center are Minato Mirai 21, which are the main recreational areas of Yokohama, as well as business centers and major conventions.

Multitude of parks are also players in Yokohama, among which is the Yamashita Park and Hikawa-maru, which opened in 1930 and has a distinctive statue as a symbol of a girl with red shoes. The Rinko Park, with good views and very quiet, and Sankeien Garden, like no other place to enjoy nature and Japanese architecture, are other interesting parks.

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Rounding out the offering Botanical garden Botanical Gardens, Zoo and Aquarium Zoo Yokohama, Yokohama Sea Paradise Hakkeijima and Aquarium. For children, the Children’s Land is an option which pass very well. Another building of interest is the bridge Bankoku Bridge, across the canal that borders the city. It is advisable to go there at sunset, which is where he can enjoy beautiful views of the illuminated city. Among the most important trips we can make the area a good option is to visit the city of Hakkeijima forty miles. It is an artificial island with park, aquarium, restaurants and shops. Thirty miles is also side Marina Bay, a bay for recreational fishing that is the basis for another shopping center.

Among the museums that we find in the city include the history, Yokohama History Museum, the Yokohama Science Children’s Science Museum, the Yokohama Doll Doll Museum, the Japan Equestrian Equestrian Museumof and art museums and Sogo Museum of Art Yokohama Museum of Art.

To eat anything better than to enjoy the typical gastronomy of the country, which may be accompanied by a multitude of varieties of tea. The famous sushi (raw fish) can be attached to a tempura (fried vegetables), suki-yaki (beef stew with vegetables), yakitori (skewered chicken) and shabu-shabu (beef and vegetables in tables with various sauces). All these dishes should be accompanied with boiled rice and soup that we serve with soy the most. To drink, beer and sake (liquor made from rice) are the major players along with the tea.

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And if you talk to the specific restaurant to go, there are many good options from which to choose, but we highlight three of them. In the specialty is ostrich Rinrinkan in many varieties at the time of be cooked. Wakana is a place where you can taste the best seafood and fish in the area. Finally, Satsukitei is near Nihon Koreshi and Museum is a place to enjoy equal parts of a traditional Japanese cuisine and the views it offers.

Furthermore, in a city like Yokohama, where there are many department stores, it is advisable to go through any of them. The most famous is the Yokohama CIAL. Another good option is to go shopping Landmark Plaza, with over 170 shops and restaurants. Diamond offers numerous specialty shops and a street where Basha is found among many other distinguished clothing and accessories store Takashimaya.

Finally, note that in terms of means of transport available to the passenger train, bus and ferry as well. Its roads are fairly safe and a carriage to take into account is also the bike. If a car moves must also take into account the difference in traffic rules with regard to their country of origin.

Ultimately, Yokohama is a modern city where you can enjoy the leisure consumer with a multitude of options at our disposal to do so. Similarly, the cultural offerings that we provide is of an acceptable level, and its communications infrastructure and make it an easy place to visit and nice for tourists.

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