Island Margarita – Venezuela

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Island Margarita - Venezuela

Finding a gem in the open is not unusual. Therefore, the floating over the Atlantic was generously Margarita Island in Venezuela is a gift for tourists eager to discover what is unique to this gem.

Well known are the definitions that tend to float in the territories. Independence, freedom, ability to escape and give their beauty, are factors common to almost all the Pacific islands. But this does not make vulgar compared to other destinations to choose between the travelers. Those who have the idea that the islands are only beaches and lack of historical or heritage value, they are wrong. In this regard Margarita is not only as a heavenly paradise. So does its human richness popular, and people from his past millennium, as noted its artisans and their way of building a castle or their holiday traditions.

This paradise between heaven and earth has its location on the globe north of Venezuela, known in the Caribbean Sea. Its area is 934 km2. In this condensed space, has it all. For all tastes and all the pleasures, and may stand as a refuge for the weary soul, or territory for the enjoyment to be exhausted.

Its capital is La Asunción and the city where life is mostly commercial and hotel called Porlamar enclave where tourists who want to stay during your stay are served with everything installed.

To start the trip, perhaps most evocative of their beaches. Reason for tourists to venture to move the sun and water. The spacious and serene, where the light is in a state where the purest and color is no longer such as to become merely a state of transparency.

The beach of Margarita Island presents an incredible variety of options. They are not all equal as we can believe. For those seeking the tranquility more spectacular, there are white sands and calm seas where the wave is a whisper that helps eliminate stress. For those who want adventure and feel full of strength, there are beaches where the waves roaring and raging the blue becomes constant white foam.

The total coastline of 168 km is Margarita. If tourists want to practice water sports like windsurfing or surfing, you do not have any problems or have to worry about whether or not to make wind and may make possible what you want. It also has special significance scuba diving. Since funds are crystal admired by all types of visitors may take place in both diving beaches. Peninsula Macanao, crystal clear water so you can easily see the stars of the sea bottom.

Island Margarita

Other places where you can enjoy a warm sun and the breeze are healthier Beach Parguito, the most popular and one of the most suitable for surfing, beach Guacuco which takes its name from the abundance Guacuco (clams), Caribbean Beach, on the north and with a length of 2 km, always offers the security of solitude; Playa Manzanillo, unique for its location between the mountains where you can enjoy a special evening in this fishing village, Playa La Pared, also presented with the requirements of the above deserve to be known for its special character, Playa Puerto Cruz, which serves as a beach resort, Playa El Humo, ideal for extremely lonely because there is little known despite being the unparalleled beauty, Caracola La Playa is located in the hotel zone of Porlamar, which is an ideal place for skating or biking, Playa El Tirano, which is remarkable for its unique colorful fishing boats and is the main reason for tourists who love photography. Finally, among the most important Playa Zaragoza is presented as ideal for sports such as the new heaven and jetsky banana.

Guacuco Beach Island Margarita

Sights and Nature
And for those who want something more to give a reddish color to their skin, over the whole territory of Margarita Island is easy to find cathedrals and ancient forts. Indo Hispanic, which shows the various pockets of this place in the year 1498 was discovered by the intrepid Spaniards at that time decided to explore what they perceived as paradise on earth. The Margarita was the name they had discovered the island, which means pearl. The indigenous inhabitants of the area, with a friendly character that is still intact, received visitors in a hospital, opening them and publicize their wealth. Were quaiqueri soon had to become slaves of their own harmony.

They are 500 years of history have produced buildings with tradition and ancestry, where tourists can very easily, breathing past events always surrounded by an inexhaustible beauty.

Iglesia del Valle Island Margarita

There are also centers or museums which unite the past to a more peculiar. As the art of the area is taken into account as a communicative expression to be revealed. This is true of the Museum of Contemporary Art that presents a permanent exhibition of the artist village Francisco Narváez. Other museums are the New Cadiz, La Asunción, the Popular Art in Tacuantar or Marino, you could not miss because of the tradition of the Reef.

Beyond the historical tours, is indivisible from the tourist improvised within a wilderness that does not rest in any corner of Margarita Island.

If the island is by its location, the entrance to the splendid Caribbean where coral reefs of the Roques become a daily, also highlights the special dimension of beauty that it is more wild. Not to say that Margaret is one of the oldest rainforests on the planet: What kind do not enter a part of this ecosystem is particularly so protected by nature wise?.

There is also, sea, recognized the Orinoco Delta region of marshland with lush tropical vegetation. This place is a little to reach where it is not necessary to be too adventurous to travel because they are many tour operators are well trained to serve as guides to offer any security.

For those wishing to savor the most indigenous Arekua emerges as an untouchable Redoubt, where the most ancient tribes.

Finally, the Sierra de El Copey, the place that makes visitors realize the beauty in its entirety. From this we can see all the high altitude, offering a panoramic and unparalleled experience to remember.

It is also important to highlight the craft tradition of the peoples of Margarita, both because they can serve as a gift and souvenir for visitors to know they help fund the local inhabitants, and that this would give its spirit and artistic expression.

To end the call Mapire material is of great tradition. It consists of tender leaves of the palms that are in the mountains and used to make beautiful bags and baskets.

For a long time after that want to continue discovering the world of Margarita, the night is still bright as a paradise. Great variety of bars, restaurants, casinos … offer an alternative to what was experienced in nature.

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