The French Riviera

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The French Riviera, also known as the Riviera, is synonymous with the sea, golden beaches and, above all, a lot of luxury. But this place coastal France has much more to offer, as its cultural and artistic inexhaustible. In fact, for legendary artists like Picasso, Renoir and Matisse, this beautiful environment was a great source of inspiration for his life and his most famous works.

In the course of seventy miles of coast between Menton and Cannes, the French Riviera stretches, located in neighboring France. This region contains picturesque cities, which include Cannes, Cagnes Sur Mer, Nice and Menton. The Riviera has become a much sought after tourist destination since it started to mass tourism in the last decade of the fifties. Previously, it was an inhospitable coast, but since the nineteenth century began to be visited in winter by aristocrats from cold regions abroad. At present, the luxury is felt in its extensive waterfront, in their palms, their expensive hotels and large yachts.

However, the French Riviera also has beautiful natural landscapes, divided between its beaches, mountains and valleys. But what is striking in a special way is the cultural richness that this coastal location offers. Contemporary artists such as Picasso, Renoir, Matisse and Léger, have left this place in his artistic legacy, so that each of these famous people here have their own museum. This is the case of a museum reporting in Cagnes Sur Mer, the National Picasso Museum in Vallauris, Henri Matisse Museum in Nice and the Jean Cocteau Museum in Menton. It should know that art lovers can buy the card Musées Côte d’Azur, which allows a free and unlimited access to endless queues of permanent collections and temporary exhibitions of 65 museums and monuments.

The promenade and fine dining on the Riviera
As a natural destination, the Riviera shows seventy kilometers of golden beach, with a mild climate that allows you to enjoy a warm atmosphere throughout the year. The coast has a promenade that goes practically from Cannes to Menton and the beautiful palm trees that come in its entirety. Beaches, public and private, are paradise and one of the main reasons for visiting the Riviera. Highlights of the Midi, Cannes and Nice are obliged to visit the beaches of pebbles, in the Paseo de Anglais. In the city of Nice is the park of Mercantour, where marmots and chamois can be seen between the waterfalls and streams and mountain peaks of over three thousand meters.

Moreover, the Riviera is famous for its fine dining and recipes savory dishes of the restaurants reach very high scores on the culinary guides from different countries. Recommended dishes include fish stew with garlic, fish soup or lamb. They are also the delicious niçoise salad, made with onions, anchovies, rice and tomatoes, and pissaladière, a Provencal tart made of tuna, capers and anchovies.

Cannes and Nice
Two highly sought destinations within the region of the Riviera are Cannes and Nice. The city of Cannes is world famous for its international film festival, but has many other attractions: its beaches, its trendy clubs and its hospitable people. The major points of interest are the rue Meynadier, cosmopolitan atmosphere of a street, Le Palais des Festivals and the Croisette. One can also visit the Church of Du Bon Voyage, of the eighteenth century, Alexander III and St. Georges. They are also recommended to visit the flower market and fruits, park and garden Roseraie Alexandre III. On the other hand, from Cannes can be reached by boat, three islands that are fascinating: Lérins, a quiet island, Santa Margarita, historic place where he was imprisoned the legendary man of the Iron Mask and the beach of San Honorato, a impressive Gothic monastery.

Another of the major cities of the Costa Azul is Nice. It’s cultural and leisure activities is endless. Places full of charm are the palace of the prefecture, the Opera, in the nineteenth century, Mediterranée casino, the castle in the hills of Mount Boron and Modern outdoor theater. In the hills above Nice Cimiez district, this is preserved from Roman times as a place of residence for the powerful. Characters known as Matisse, among others, lived in this rich neighborhood. Currently, its economy has declined and is inhabited by less affluent and commercial premises. There are museums dedicated to Matisse and Chagall, the Roman ruins and some springs of the second century.

All these features make the Riviera a destination full of attractions for travelers who want to enjoy culture and leisure.

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