The Island of Hawaii – Paradise Surf

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The islands of Hawaii

Hawaii, Hawaii or in English, is a state located in the United States North Pacific. The islands of Hawaii, is a homonym archipelago. Hawaii became officially a state of the United States on August 21, 1959. Hawaii, in the North Pacific, is the only U.S. state that is not within the American continent.

Hawaii is the dream for beach lovers, as well as surfing. Hawaii is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world for a holiday filled with nature and relax. Hawaii is paradise. Millions of people all over the world travel each year to enjoy a vacation in the Pacific islands that make up the area of Hawaii. Also, many tourists have visited the beaches of Hawaii, has ended up staying to live there permanently.

Hawaii has six major islands: Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Kauai, Lanai and the Big Island of Hawaii or Big Island. Each of these spectacular islands of Hawaii is truly unique and has its own charms, showing all the bounties of nature in Hawaii.

Hawaii is a tourist destination that has everything anyone could want: Hawaii has amazing beaches with turquoise waters, blue lagoons, waterfalls, lush vegetation, huge mountains, active volcanoes and even snow.

Besides an incredible nature, Hawaii is home to picturesque villages, impressive shopping malls and city life. Discover the culture of Hawaii is a unique experience and can meet you in endless places that fail to be exploited with a single visit.

For those who love sports, Hawaii is a perfect place. In Hawaii it is possible to make endless activities, plus excursions by land and by air, visiting interesting museums, night shows, and much more.
The islands of Hawaii:
Kauai, Hawaii
The various islands of Hawaii are a delight in themselves. Among the highlights is Kauai, also known as the “garden island.” Kauai is considered the largest island of Hawaii with a vegetation and incredible nature.

In Kauai, Hawaii, you may only do sports and activities. Kayaking the Na Pali coast via imposing volcanoes, a trip by helicopter, taking the best view of all Hawaii parks or go on horseback, are some activities that can be performed in Kauai, Hawaii. Any activity or sport that is made in Kauai, Hawaii Island, is perfect to discover the paradisiacal landscape of the region, with its spectacular flora and fauna.

Maui, Hawaii
Within the islands of Hawaii, Maui is perhaps the most popular. Impressive tourism destination of Hawaii, Maui is a scenario in which you can see picturesque villages, nature, pure and luxurious resorts with everything you might need.

In the port of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, you can experience the amazing sport. Lahaina, Maui, is an old whaling village of hunters, which can travel many art galleries, exotic restaurants and pubs. As the largest port in Maui, Hawaii, Lahaina has shops that close late and everything needed to live an experience, not only natural but also fun.
Another unmissable place in Maui, Hawaii, is the town of Hana, where the history and picturesque scenery combine to make one visit a continuous enjoyment.

Big Island, Hawaii
Big Island, or the big island of Hawaii, is the largest of the archipelago. Doubling the size of the other, Big Island Hawaii brings together everything you offer. The big island of Hawaii or Big Island, is one of the best places in the islands to play golf. Besides the Big Island of Hawaii is internationally renowned for its sport fishing.

natural beauty

Molokai, Hawaii
Who seek natural beauty, beaches, simplicity and serenity, you will find the ideal destination on Molokai Island in Hawaii. On Molokai, Hawaii, there are no traffic lights, tall buildings, bowling alleys and bars. Molokai is a place where nature reigns, that is, the best reflection of what Hawaii represents.

Lanai, Hawaii
Finally, Lanai is one of the stunning islands of Hawaii. With a unique charm and pure nature, Lanai is a place where anyone who wants to go visit. On vacation in Hawaii was forced to go through Lanai, and hence it is possible to live away from the hustle and all the tranquility of the nature of these islands in the North Pacific.
Lanai is one of the islands of Hawaii that are less developed, with the exception of the excellent golf courses and luxury resorts filled. Lanai is an exclusive island of Hawaii is considered, in which the unspoiled land and the streets invite you to spend your vacation more relaxing.

Adventure Sports in Hawaii:
In all the islands of Hawaii you can enjoy the best sports. Hawaii is literally global mecca for surfers. Surfing in Hawaii is the dream of every lover of this sport, as the incredible waves that are difficult to get offers elsewhere.

Adventure Sports in Hawaii

Surfing in Hawaii means being with perfect waves and large, being really a challenge. The main destinations for surfing in Hawaii, more specifically in its northern coast, are Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay, Haleiwa and Sunset Beach.
On the island Ohau is also possible to find great places to surf in Hawaii. Ohau beaches as Pupukea, Leftovers, Laniakea, Velzyland, Silver Channel, Kaena Point, Backyards, like something must for those who want to experience the best surfing in Hawaii.

But in addition to surfing in Hawaii can be a myriad of activities in contact with nature. Sports such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking or parasailing on are inevitable on a vacation in Hawaii.
No one is going on vacation to Hawaii can stop living a Luau. A Hawaiian Luau is a feast for holding multiple events. The important conclusion is that the traditional Hawaiian Luau that is, is a unique event, where fine food, dancing and music are mixed together to make this event unforgettable.

Hawaiian Luau

Accommodation in Hawaii:
Accommodation in Hawaii has all the possible alternatives for any kind of tourism. Hawaii hotels are first class, lower-cost hotels, hotels, lodges, cabins for rent, rooms, houses for rent and camping sites. Housing in Hawaii is ready to provide all necessary services to spend a wonderful holiday in the Pacific and accommodate each of the visitors who come to Hawaii each day in search of the best waves and paradisiacal beaches.

Enjoy a vacation in Hawaii is, for thousands of reasons, something that can rarely be repeated in other world destination. With exotic nature, hilarious holidays, luxury hotels and resorts and sports as varied, Hawaii is the perfect place for any tourist.
The yearning for any surfer … is a step above any other destination.

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