Festival in Venezuela: Cultural Traditions

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World Folklore Festival Brunssum 2008, Venezuela 01 por Hobby-Photograph.

Venezuela is a substantial cultural traditions, which reflect either its various climates and ecosystems. Among them, we intend to give them a bite to function as open mouth of what is meant by Venezuelan traditions interesting, colorful, and valuable.

In past articles we’ve given some prominence Caracas, for that reason, we turn now to the Venezuelan interior, where folk traditions are kept more intact.

Let’s start Maracaibo, with its bustling La Chinita Fair (in her eyes slanted owes his nickname), held in November. These festivities are dedicated to the Virgin of Chiquinquira. The belief has appeared in a small piece of wood he rescued an old lady of Lake Maracaibo. The temple was built on the grounds of the house of the lady. The Fair includes many events, including a large lighting is installed in Bella Vista Avenue, orchestras playing to the sound of bagpipes, they light thousands of fireworks, choosing a beauty queen with the Virgin and walk the streets of the miracle.

We’re now at the center of Venezuela to the Virgin passed to speak of the devil coming dancing in San Francisco de Yare for over 400 years. This tradition has been passed from generation to generation, is held in Turiamo, Cata and Chuao, in June. The celebration revolves around the Feast of Corpus Christi and begins with a submission to the Cross of Forgiveness, which embraced the slaves to escape the whip or ask for mercy from the Lord. The path of the devil is accompanied by the sound of the Fund and the bells. They are built altars and processions are visiting the homes of some deceased.
Return to Merida, well worth doing, to realize that this time the Merida like the bullfights. In carnival is the Feria del Sol, where crowds are concentrated in the runs with the best bullfighters in the country and abroad. They also celebrate their black saint, San Benito, Mucuchíes honored at each December 29. The image of St. Benedict leads the crowd marching to church. After the Mass through the streets of the village with dances in his honor, and downloads blunderbuss. This celebration also takes place elsewhere in the west of the country, as in Zulia and Tachira. The devotees are dressed in colorful costumes and paint their faces black

The drums are an essential part of the Venezuelan coastal scenery, characters like «The e’Chirimena crazy» move your hips with rhythm in Playa Caribe, Chuspa, Higuerote, Rio Chico and Choroní. There are many groups as «vassals of San Juan», the «Dancing Devils of Naiquatá» or Chirimena drums, Tierra Sana of Todasana, Guayabal; of Catambay of Aricagua and many others, devoted to extolling the African roots –Venezuela. They make use of shells to produce sounds that are merged with the hectic clatter of his hands.

The celebrations of the Virgen del Valle in Margarita are worth mentioning. This virgin was brought to the island in 1530 Cubagua has narrowly escaped a hurricane, so the villagers decided to safeguard it in a Margarita Valley, where he built a small hermitage. The patron of the East is honored in September accompanied by hundreds of devotees, the rhythm of the samba and the sound of firecrackers.

Let us close our tour in the plains, where traditional music was born in Venezuela: joropo that performed stomping the ground, women with colorful skirts and flowers in their hair, and men in a white suit (liqui-liqui). In llanera music festivals there is a line of counterpoint, a genre in which singers are facing and rewarding to demonstrate greater mastery and fluidity of improvised verse.

As we said at the beginning, the Venezuelan landscapes are as colorful as their traditions. So entertain us with harp four, maracas, heat, cold, snowy mountains, ancient rock formations, boundless forests, plains, desert, and stopped to have just invited to enjoy in Venezuela, which it called Columbus: The Land of Grace.

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