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 Greece - Pireus

We all know that a trip to Greece in our lives seems to be an essential if we are hiking lovers of classical antiquity in all its variants. And, in Greece, as well as their paradise islands, stroll through Athens, depending on the horizon include almost the beauty of the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the agora to move as if we were to listen to the great thinkers across the ages, all It becomes mandatory if relatively tread these places. But, Athens is Piraeus, Athens is embellished with a port on the shores of the Gulf Aegina, one of the most active and important country, the main scale for shipping companies in the Middle East, a port of reference for the trips of more beautiful that can be done by the islands of the Aegean Sea.

Island ferries at port in Piraeus

The port of Piraeus is a place to rest after our walks through Athens. A place of great animation where the majority of tourists who visit the capital, as well as inhabitants and sailors from all over the world, who sit on its many terraces to eat fish and shellfish.

But throughout its history, Piraeus has not had much peace of mind to say. During the classical period, to become a port of reference given the importance of every Greek, the Romans sacked and destroyed, even to lose privilege over other ports. Still, over time, the Piraeus again demonstrated its importance, its critical location, and return to the fusion core, the most animated of all Athens.

The first stop we make in the Piraeus is the main port. There is much traffic, great vessels, a true coming and going of tourists and sailors. If you hire a cruise in the islands, and your point of departure is the Piraeus, do not set out to seek the adventure of your boat to the sound of God, because it’s impossible. It is best to approach the dock well in advance and then get a map at the entrance, because the distances seem short, are enormous.

Another place in the Piraeus is the business center and Microlimano Zea. They have lost, will leave the port a huge amount of people willing to enter the labyrinth of souvenir shops and restaurants, through a series of pedestrian streets. However, since the port can take a bus to the area, but I can assure you that they pretty crowded …

Zea is the location of moored yachts and cruise most impressive of all Greece. It is a place full of restaurants, taverns, bars and department stores, a unique flair. In its taverns is essential to ask good fresh grilled octopus or ouzo, the famous Greek appetizer, while watching the Saronic Gulf. At dusk, in this place, I assure you that your camera will miss smoke.

The next visit, in my opinion the best (if you are not lovers of ships or stores), are two small bays that form a perfect semicircle, which we might call the marina, a lively and friendly place where brings together people of all kinds in its restaurants, bars, fish, coffee terraces. Is the best place for nightlife in all Athens, where the youth. From there you can also climb the hill Mounychie, where once there was an acropolis and a sanctuary of the goddess Artemis, and perhaps where we can take the best photographs throughout the Gulf, Piraeus and the Acropolis in Athens. In this area the tables of the restaurants located near the sea, stretching from end to end of the bay.

Throughout the Piraeus are, in turn, remains of walls built to fortify the port. These walls joined the Piraeus to Athens, but were destroyed after the Peloponnesian war and partly rebuilt in 394 BC

Nor should we stop to visit the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, the Maritime Museum, the Municipal Theater, or the Sanctuary of Poseidon.

piraeus impression por doubay.

How to get there?
Piraeus is located 8 kilometers from downtown Athens. But not asustaros, from the center of Athens can take the subway, in just half an hour, leaves us in Piraeus. The Athens Metro is open until midnight and the ticket does not go beyond 1 euro. It is much more advisable to take a bus because the traffic in the capital Athens can assure you that it is another dimension … But if take there are taxis that you approach the Piraeus for 10 euros. Furthermore, in the Piraeus there are two metro stops and you can stay where you want, and various buses that connect the different parts of the neighborhood.

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