Los Antiguos: rural roads in Argentina

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This is a very sought after by the adventurous tourists who come to the southern part of Argentina. Many attractions await you in this place, where the icy southern waters show marine life in splendor, complemented with routes to explore.

Rural roads in Argentina

Strategic location:

Los Antiguos is part of the Route 40 corridor, which passes just 50 miles away, in the town of Perito Moreno. Also is 3 miles from the border crossing to Chile and from there visit the lagoon Jeinimeni, Chilean national reserve which can be accessed with tall vehicles. The scenery is stunning and is 60 kilometers from Los Antiguos.

Los Antiguos

Another option is Pass the Keys, part of the route south of the lake in the Chilean General takes the name of Carreras and change their appearance of calm by the steep cliffs falling into the water.

From the old can, with caution, encouraged by the Route 41 along a path on the mountain. It is ideal to complete a journey in one day. While there are more than 170 kilometers, can be stopping along the way and enjoy the change of scenery, which is recorded between 200 meters above sea level to 1500 meters, the highest point of travel. The Ministry of Tourism, an alpine house on the main avenue, you can find a roadmap to make it easy and attractive path of the ridge.

At the end of the trail leads to one of the most amazing places in the province, lakes Posadas and Pueyrredón, separated by a thin isthmus of land and connected by a short stream. There you will stay in tourist stays in the area or in the supply of the town of Lago Posadas Hipólito Yrigoyen or, as I say «vaquianos.» Since the trip can go in search of Route 40 just 90 miles from Hipólito Yrigoyen to reach the hostel Bajo Caracoles. If the day is clear, the imposing Cerro San Lorenzo break the monotony of the horizon with their snow-capped summits.

If any of these activities enough, remember that Los Antiguos is an ideal place for sport fishing in area rivers and Lake Buenos Aires, which have no closed season for fishing in any time of year.

Useful Information:

How to get there? By plane from Buenos Aires to Comodoro Rivadavia and thence by road to the former about 500 km.

Mapa los antiguos


From the city of Buenos Aires is accessed by RN No. 3 to the city of Caleta Olivia and this makes the RP No. 12 until it joins the RP No. 43. From Bariloche RN No. 40 through May River until the junction with PR No. 43. From Calafate RN No. 40 to the town of Perito Moreno takes the RP No. 43.

Distances to Los Antiguos:

Buenos Aires: 1732 km
San Carlos de Bariloche: 851 km
Esquel: 590 km
Calafate: 680 km

Where to stay:

In The Los Antiguos Ones, have accommodations such as: Hosteria Antigua Patagonia Shelter Rock Chacra, Hotel The Old Cherry. Complexes are also cabins Lake Buenos Aires, Two Suns, Geuter, Ketel and Poets’ Corner. There are also hostels and bungalows and municipal camping option.

Bon voyage!

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