Travel and Adventure in La Angostura & Neuquen

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V° la Angostura. by Crisfer.

During the summer, the tourism asset is the fort of La Angostura, Neuquén’s beautiful villa immersed in two national parks (Nahuel Huapi and Los Myrtles) that sometimes, by the early twentieth century, envisioned a great visionary like Primo Capraro. Out of nowhere, this Italian immigrant (whose story captures in the book) «Notes of Correntoso» Yayo de Mendieta, this raised a sawmill in 1903 and almost 20 years later transformed the small board of Dona Rosa in a symbol of Patagonia hotel as is the luxurious Hotel Correntoso. Remodeled in 2003, this hotel is one of the biggest stars in the qualified offer of accommodation in this mountain village of 17 inhabitants, which has a total of about 4 thousand seats.

Located in a superb natural balcony overlooking Lake Nahuel Huapi, the hotel is located at the mouth of the river at Lake Correntoso (the shortest in the world, say the inhabitants of the village), classified by experts as one of the best places in the world for sport fishing for trout, brown fontinalis, salmon and other species. The season lasts from November until April or May, depending on location chosen, and are also excellent river fishing Machete, mirror lakes and the river and Correntoso Ruca Malen.

Adventure sports in La Angostura & Neuquen:

Just as the Cerro Bayo, with its world famous ski and snowboarding is the star of each winter in Villa La Angostura, other hills, like the Belvedere, gain prominence when the sun starts to hit hard in southwestern Neuquén. The trip to his «viewpoint of the two lakes’ is one of the rides that proposes the Bogani Tero. From a young rider to the spirit of a boy who was as close as a horse was at the zoo, part of the heterogeneous group that is mounted into the forest of coihue, cypresses and cane fields.

If you are part of this adventure sport, you can move the horse from the beginning of the long stretches before us, that to be gaining confidence with the animal and the irregular terrain, the caravan moves on and gets around the course of the river Las Piedritas , which is incredibly lens. Gradually, the walk is uphill, and on the slopes of Belvedere, in your browser looks a fantastic view of the Andes and Nahuel Huapi lakes and Correntoso. This ride stretches about 2 hours and costs $ 120 per person. Although there are options for every taste: from 3 pm to waterfall Inacayal and the viewpoint of the two lakes ($ 180), almost 4, past the waterfall and across the edge of Belvedere ($ 210) and to one of 8 h. (lunch, $ 480), through a beech forest to reach the «Black Drawer,» a dreamy valley between the blades in a «U» Mount Belvedere.

Villa La Angostura by laudemiguel.

Browse the catamaran:

Only 80 km separate La Angostura Bariloche. And several are the rides that share these places that «do not compete, they complement,» as touted in the town. One is the National Park excursion to Myrtle, who, like Victoria Island, is located in Neuquen territory, makes it clear the guide, while the catamaran «Patagonia Argentina» left the dock of the bay Brava (there similar service from Bahía Mansa), just meters from the historical center of the town.

After sailing 45 minutes from the Northern arm of Lake Nahuel Huapi, come to the forest tan, where the myrtles are shown as in no other place on earth up to 25 meters and an average age of 160 to 250 years although it is to see copies of longer than six centuries old. The guide invites the cold touch of bayberry bark, and also to discover other species that accompany it, as coihue, cypress and ñires.

The catamaran ride costs $ 118 round trip, and $ 68 a flight. Not that one I left in the woods, but can return on foot or by bicycle. There are 12 km along the peninsula Quetrihué to Angostura, which gives its name to the locality. Of course, the more adventurous to do anything they will regret this round trip journey (24 km).

Villa la Angostura - Bahía Brava by

For those who prefer something less demanding, the guides can accompany him on a shorter walk across the peninsula, but no less captivating. The trail climbs up to two viewpoints. On one hand, it reveals the bay and the island Brava Fray Menendez and other surrounding areas.

Travel and Adventure in La Angostura & Neuquen

Bon voyage!

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