Your visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona

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Your visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona will be one of the key moments of your trip to the U.S. west coast. Where you can also go by different viewpoints to enjoy the incredible panoramic views of the deep canyon of the Colorado River, you can do some sightseeing or tourist activities.

Here summarizes seven trips or tourist activities to do during your visit to the Grand Canyon.

1. Flying over the Grand Canyon by helicopter

This is undoubtedly the star excursion and desired by all who visit the Grand Canyon. In the National Park south entrance is the small airport where they operate companies that offer this service.

2. Hiking trails through the Canyon of the Colorado River

On your visit to the Grand Canyon, you can do several walks. There are established routes of different lengths, the most popular so-called South Kaibab and Bright Angel. That yes, if you want to get to the bottom of the canyon, and reaching the Colorado River, no time to raise and lower on the same day.

Beaver Falls by Forget Me Knott Photography.

3. Rafting down the Colorado River

Another alternative we have is to go rafting on the Colorado River or in calm water areas or even in areas of whitewater. The tour starts from locations that are near the canyon.

4. Excursion by mule down the Colorado River

One of the most curious is the ability to go to the Colorado River, riding a mule. This is a great demand that trip must book months in advance.

5. Visit the Viewpoint of the Desert and the watchtower of the Anasazi Indians

While the objective of your visit to the Grand Canyon, as I said, is to go to different viewpoints, the Mirador del Desierto said, because, it’s totally worth it to get to the center even more distant visitors. You’ll find a tower that emulates the watchtowers of the Anasazi Indians, now a souvenir shop.

6. Hiking to Havasu Falls

South of Grand Canyon, outside the national park, you can take a trip to Havasu Falls, a focus area for several waterfalls within the Havasupai Indian Territory. To visit Havasu Falls, located south of Grand Canyon National Park, take Highway 18 Indian Road since Seligman part, on historic Route 66. The local route goes north to an enclave 105 kilometers called Hualapai Hilltop, which takes nearly two hours to traverse.

HAVASU FALLS by El Cipote.

Hualapai Hilltop is actually a car park where you can leave the car, but lacks a service area, only in holiday seasons find positions where food and refreshments. So to make this tour is advisable to previously filled the fuel tank.

From Hualapai Hilltop, you can go visit the area where the falls are, you have to address the small village of Supai, where the Havasupai Indians live and where you’ll find a motel, and a food store and cafe, and nearby, a campsite.

The drive from Hualapai Hilltop can do walking, which is a walking tour of 13 kilometers. After reaching the village of Supai, has to travel three miles to get to the campsite, which is already less than a mile from the Havasu Falls area.

7. Excursion to the Skywalk, glass shelf on a cannon

It is an original tour go to Skywalk, a tourist attraction that is mounted in a canyon south of Grand Canyon National Park is a place that lets you be in a glass platform overlooking the abyss. Just do not everyone who visits feels that this really worthwhile trip.

Good Luck!

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