Ecotourism in Colima of Mexico

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Laguna de Carrizalillos por THe cUriOUs OYsTEr.

Colima’s name comes from “Colliman” Nahuatl word which designated the old kingdom or lordship: Colli, means hill, volcano or grandfather and Maitl, hand or domain, ie: “Place conquered by our grandparents ‘, or’ Place which dominates the Old God or God of Fire “, referring to the volcano.

The region now occupied by the state of Colima was the seat of several pre-Columbian cultures that flourished in western Mexico. In the early sixteenth century, the Tarascan or Purépecha out to conquer the territory of the Tecos and reached the nitrate of Tzacoalco, however, the Colimotl hueytlatoani defeated in the famous “War of saltpeter. A victory over the Purépecha, the Tecos in turn undertook the conquest of Sayula Zapotlan and Amula.

Puerto de Manzanillo Colima por Paco Juarez.


Colima is located in west-central Mexico. Bounded to the north, east and west with the State of Jalisco, on the southeast by the State of Michoacan and south by the Pacific Ocean. Its area is 5455 kilometers, ranking the third among the smaller states of Mexico. PMID Colima Revillagigedo Archipelago islands formed by Benito Juárez, Clarion, San Benedicto and Roca Partida, all of volcanic origin.

The territory of Colima, of which nearly three quarters of the surface is covered by mountains and hills, lies within a derivation of the Sierra Madre del Sur, which is composed of four mountain ranges.


Colima’s climate is influenced largely by its mountainous relief, which covers western, northern and eastern part of the entity. Insights from the mountains of Jalisco Forman higher Zones: Cerro Gordo, saws Perote, The Pawn and the slopes of Volcanoes of Colima. In the coastal area and river basin Armory is warm and humid, while the upper is temperate and warm in the south. Its annual average temperature is between 28 and maximum of 31.5 and a low of 12.


The most important watersheds, are formed by rivers and Coahuayana Cihuatlán, which serve to limit the states of Jalisco and Michoacan, respectively, and the river is born in Jalisco Armory and runs about 294 miles to a municipality in the Mouth Pascual Tecomán.

All streams flow into three basins that drain into the Pacific Ocean: the river Marabasco – Minatitlan, Armory and Coahuayana – El Naranjo, the latter with the Salado River as a tributary.

Cuyutlán gaps, and Amela Alcuzahue are the principal in the state, and are in the coastal zone in the municipalities of Manzanillo, Tecoman and Armory.

Near the Volcan de Fuego, are The Mary Carrizalillo, The Boar and The Dungeon, considered the most beautiful lagoons with the mayor and tourist attraction of the entity.


The location of the Mexican Republic is divided by two Zoo geographical regions, the Nearctic and the Neotropical region, allowing that together have a very diverse fauna, with an affinity two regions are in one arm of the Neo Region advancing tropical north. Its fauna is, therefore, mainly tropical Neo affinity, however, in the eastern part of the state with increasing altitude and approach the plateau Neovolcanic cross faunal communities are enriched by the presence of type fauna transitional, adapted to warmer conditions, and affinity for the Nearctic fauna entering warmer regions of Colima.

The terrestrial vertebrate fauna of the State consists of 26 amphibian species recorded so far lacking enough information, not only of their actual number, but also its distribution and ecology.

Access routes:

The road to Colima has a secure network that allows you to reach almost every point ecotourism with a potential for exploitation. Its two airports with daily direct flights have connections that allow you to access from various places around the country and international routes to the place.

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