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Nueva York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Foto: Mara Espiño by Ciudades Creativas. 

By acquiring the New York City Pass, for its price $ 79 (children, $ 59), we have access to six major attractions of New York, the Empire State Building, the Museum of Natural Sciences (including the Rose Center ), the Museum of Modern Art MOMA, the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum, to choose, the cruise to visit the Isle of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, or a two-hour cruise around Manhattan. A great advantage of travel right?.

Two are the most famous museums in the city of New York, and our trip to Manhattan, they become highly recommend a visit but essential. I refer to the Museum of Modern Art, better known as the MOMA and the Metropolitan Museum.

But if we did a poll on which one is more interesting to visit, apart from our specific hobbies, perhaps the Metropolitan which would place first in the ranking. If you have had occasion to visit, or you do it. What is your favorite?.

The Metropolitan Museum is regarded as the great Museum of the City of New York. Located at number 1000 of the Fifth Avenue along Central Park at its junction with 82nd Street, was founded in 1872.

NYC Skyline by Robin

The Metropolitan is a type of Paris’ Louvre museum, with more than two million works of art of all the features and all ages. From Egypt, including a complete temple which was moved piece by piece, via the classical Greco-Roman art, to the great works of European painters such as Raphael, Rembrandt, Velazquez, El Greco and Picasso.

But it can be seen suits and dresses from all eras, weapons and armor, and art exhibitions around the world and from all periods, American, Islamic, medieval, Asian, etc …

Given their incredible magnitude, if we visit it completely, we would need to devote several days to the Metropolitan Museum. Therefore, it is advisable to plan our trip to New York decide how much time we devote to the visit, and in it, turn to the works or subject areas that most interest us arise. With three or four hours may be enough to see the main attractions of the museum.

We also know that at the Metropolitan, as in the MOMA, there is no problem for us to take photos.

Schedules and prices to visit the Metropolitan Museum:
In our travel plan we have to take into account the schedule of the Metropolitan Museum. We know that the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays through Thursdays and Sundays open only from 9:30 hours to 17:30 hours. However, Friday and Saturday is open from 9:30 to 21.

As for the price of entry to the Metropolitan Museum, it is actually a “suggested donation”, which in the case of adults is $ 20. We therefore have the option of paying a lower amount, though “is suggested” pay the recommended amounts.

If for our visit to New York, we decided to purchase the City Pass, the price of this card is already included tourist entrance to the Metropolitan Museum.
The City Pass, a discount card for tourist attractions, we must consider the convenience of our trip to New York as a discount card (City Pass), which set a price for us to save on the price of entrance of the main tourist attractions.

Statue of Liberty - II by MrOmega.

The price separately from all these attractions more than $ 120, which would have a good discount. That yes, we must bear in mind that, for example, the price of admission to the Metropolitan Museum, is $ 20, is “suggested”, so it might pay a lesser amount.

By using the City Pass card to enter the Empire State Building (separate entrance, $ 28) are not up to the observatory includes the plant 102 (additional cost of $ 15) or the Express Pass to Avoid the queues ($ 25 additional ).

In the case of the Museum of Natural Sciences (separate entrance, $ 24) if we want to see the IMAX pay additional $ 9.

And for the trip to the Islands of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis, the city of El Paso in New York allows preferential access control security without waiting in line usually, but not include entrance to the pedestal of the monument Statue of Liberty.

From The New York City Pass you can purchase previously in any attraction. This sightseeing tour is valid for nine days. Make the most!.

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