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The Summer Palace in Beijing

Lunes, julio 12th, 2010

While the main attraction of Beijing in terms of architecture is the Forbidden City and Great Wall of China, there is a palace that leaves visitors speechless, not to be as gone as the other two sites just mentioned, given its great distance from downtown City and lower (but not unknown) popularity.

The Summer Palace in Beijing

Photography by jimg944

The Summer Palace (Yi He Yuan), also known as the Garden of Health and Harmony was first built during the Qing Dynasty in 1750 by Emperor Quianlong. The same is located about 12 kilometers from downtown Beijing, and has nearly 300 acres surrounding a multitude of buildings that reach to the order of 3000, telling their pavilions, halls and kiosks. (más…)

Manila – Philippine Metropolis and history

Sábado, julio 10th, 2010

The Philippines has an amazing number of 7107 islands located southeast Asia, offering a large number of deserted beaches, wild jungles, ethnic diversity, incredible scenery and above all an important story that marked both the politics of place, as well as in its architecture and layout of the cities that comprise it.

Manila - Philippine Metropolis and history

Photography by © Salim Photography/

His incredible capital called Manila, is located on the eastern coast of Manila Bay on the island of Luzon, devoting the second most populous city in the Philippines. It has a long history in which are intermingled influences from Spain, England, Japan and the United States. (más…)

Cambodia: The Jewel of Southeast Asia

Martes, julio 6th, 2010

Today we travel towards the Southeast Asia. Specifically land on Cambodia, a destination that has become one of the favorite destinations of many travelers worldwide who seek a different experience of cosmopolitan Western nations. Cambodia offers travelers the chance to discover beautiful natural landscapes and historical monuments and cultural destinations.

Cambodia: The Jewel of Southeast Asia

Photography by Gusjer

Before starting our route is worth noting that Cambodia is a Buddhist kingdom full of traditions that is breathed in every one of their cities and towns. They are common routes for religious tourism in every corner of the country will find many temples. Importantly, Cambodia, throughout its territory has a very warm climate and its landscape consist of rivers, mountains and forests. (más…)

Traveling through China’s cities

Sábado, julio 3rd, 2010

Today we decided to travel to China. We will start our route in the capital Beijing or Beijing, a very cultural city, where destinations include pins as the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Another of the most attractive cities in China is undoubtedly Guangzhou.

Traveling through China's cities

Photography by pablo.sanchez

This prosperous city located near Hong Kong is also known as Canton. To reach it we must turn to the south of the country. A curious fact that the line we will train faster planet is already in operation in the country, and aims to link the cities of Wuhan and Guangzhou. Are you ready for a trip to 350 miles per hour?. (más…)

The Kathmandu Valley in Nepal

Viernes, julio 2nd, 2010

Kathmandu Valley

Photography by jeeheon

Located at the foot of the Himalayas, at the crossroads of the great civilizations of Asia, seven groups of monuments, among which are the three residential and palace of the royal cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhadgaon, testify to the height of Art of Nepal.


Seven properties have their roots in the primitive legends of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal: Durbar three places in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhadgaon (Bhaktapur), the two great Buddhist stupas and Bodhnath Swayambhu, and the two groups of Hindu temples of Pashupati and Changu Narayan. Prosperity of Buddhism and Hinduism is a powerful artistic and architectural fusion reaches its fullness between 1200 and 1800. (más…)

Knowing Tokyo for the first time

Viernes, mayo 28th, 2010

Visiting Tokyo is undoubtedly a fascinating experience for anyone, is the first time that it takes a trip to the capital of Japan, or perhaps the repetition of a trip that has already past, however it is important that we address their toward the cities most popular of Japanese cities, whose history dates back to 1603 and is now a benchmark in terms of technology, making it very crowded and also a cultural center and worth visiting admired by all lovers of tourism worldwide.

Takeshita Tokio

Photography by Carlos Alejo

Strictly speaking Tokyo is part of an archipelago of islands in Japan, which are divided into two regions, each with a large concentration of people, making it even more exciting to travel to a region so rich in culture, so wise history and so incredibly advanced technology today. (más…)

Tourism Industry in China: Factory Niulanshan wine

Miércoles, mayo 12th, 2010

The tourism industry has gradually developed into an interesting alternative for a different perspective of tourism. Lets see first hand large installations, factories and processing factories, mills, and create different types of products, from computer parts and even homes, appliances and technology, this is a new current that spans five continents and, of course, the Chinese giant could not miss this.

Tourism Industry in China

Photography by kudumomo

At the end of the day China has become the world’s factory, as a tourism of this type can be an interesting experience, but beware that not all factories. If you go on vacation to China and wants to know something different and surprising, do not miss Wine Factory Niulanshan ie factory Niulanshan wine, a simply amazing, made in China, of course. (más…)

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