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Visiting Tokyo is undoubtedly a fascinating experience for anyone, is the first time that it takes a trip to the capital of Japan, or perhaps the repetition of a trip that has already past, however it is important that we address their toward the cities most popular of Japanese cities, whose history dates back to 1603 and is now a benchmark in terms of technology, making it very crowded and also a cultural center and worth visiting admired by all lovers of tourism worldwide.

Takeshita Tokio

Photography by Carlos Alejo

Strictly speaking Tokyo is part of an archipelago of islands in Japan, which are divided into two regions, each with a large concentration of people, making it even more exciting to travel to a region so rich in culture, so wise history and so incredibly advanced technology today.

As we walk through the streets of Tokyo should not be surprised to see people cope quite naturally, as a majority population belonging to the Buddhist religion, we could expect a less friendly and kind as that found in Tokyo. During our visit to the metropolis of Japan, we have the great opportunity to become part of popular entertainment for the population, we refer to the two existing forms of drama known as “no” and “kabuki”, which are constantly made in the different theaters that we have an opportunity to go if you like.

These are undoubtedly many activities we can do in this beautiful city of Japan, therefore it is essential to begin to develop a short list that will be precisely that which will accompany us throughout our entire stay in Tokyo. For those who love the theatrical, surely the National Theatre will present a perfect performance when called Bunraku, which is a wooden puppet performance with more than 1 m in height, which visitors are impressed and it seems very entertaining. Thus, if we like a little more to the music before the performance, we should try to visit the Opera City in Tokyo, which lies between the midsts of incredible skyscrapers in Shinjuku.

kabuki theatre

Photography by 416style

Similarly, and continuing with a theme recreational and cultural at the same time, we can deliver a list of museums that provide information about art, history, science and technology that involve an ancient culture, this one of the leading exponents of these heading is the Tokyo National Museum, which is the largest in Japan, which concentrates the largest collection of Japanese art in the world and starts from prehistory to the modern era. Similarly it is advisable to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the museum Shitamashi the Mingeikan and the Japanese Sword Museum.

If you like books, you can visit libraries that are globally considered as the largest in the world, namely the National Library of diet and the Tokyo Metropolitan Library.

Surely among the many activities and traveling in a city crowded by tourists and inhabited by people, we began to work up an appetite and do not really know what type of food consumed in the region, so before you visit Tokyo, we recommend you try Tokyoites kitchen call, mainly because the ingredient is used in every dish is the fish of the Bay of Tokyo. So, some of the dishes we usually eat at any restaurant at which we dedicate ourselves are: Soba (dish of noodles), tempura (seafood and vegetables mixed together with boiling water, flour and egg yolk), Oden (stewed fish with boiled egg), Anguilla and the famous Sushi.

Tempura in Japan comes in bigger portion

Photography by williamcho

Yet if you do not often get used to eating seafood, you can still enjoy the American and European dishes, as one of the main features of the idiosyncrasies in Tokyo, is to appreciate art from different facets, which include of course the cuisine of other around the world, for that reason teachers find European and even American cuisine.

Good trip to Tokyo!

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