Tourism Industry in China: Factory Niulanshan wine

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The tourism industry has gradually developed into an interesting alternative for a different perspective of tourism. Lets see first hand large installations, factories and processing factories, mills, and create different types of products, from computer parts and even homes, appliances and technology, this is a new current that spans five continents and, of course, the Chinese giant could not miss this.

Tourism Industry in China

Photography by kudumomo

At the end of the day China has become the world’s factory, as a tourism of this type can be an interesting experience, but beware that not all factories. If you go on vacation to China and wants to know something different and surprising, do not miss Wine Factory Niulanshan ie factory Niulanshan wine, a simply amazing, made in China, of course.

There are two things that catch the eye of the traveler to arrive at this huge facility. First, learn the ancient tradition that China has as a producer of wines and other liquors and the second is the environment in which the factory is situated, since it is only 15 minutes away from Niulanshan, a city located in the district Shunyi and a wonderful natural environment, surrounded by clear waters and sing song, mountains painted green, almost transparent blue sky and a bucolic landscape of eastern and those that invite reflection, seems to be thousands of miles away from the hustle and noise of the city center.

This plant came as another denomination can not be more accurate, whose full name is Beijing Shunxin Agriculture Co. Ltd, Niulanshang Wine Factory was re-founded in October 1952 from the merger of 11 former production companies, but the factory it has been active for over 300 years, ie from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

At present, the factory occupies a vast area of several thousand square meters, excluding the large areas of crops whose surface is lost in the horizon and who work daily in more than 1,800 people and has made a significant investment.

But wine is not the only product that is manufactured here, which is also a leading producer of aromatic and Er-Guotou famous liquor, which is also part of the soul of some 120 varieties of wines, which are not only sold in the huge Chinese market but also exported to other regions of Asia and even Canada and the United States.

Through a series of government recognition for its quality and production, the factory is included in the tour industry in that country, a modality that is growing daily.

The factory tour is an amazing experience for many reasons, first because of the size, culture and perceived business rigor to every corner, out of respect for the environment, for its huge warehouses that store rich wines, by the demonstrations of ancient methods of construction that are part of the route and of course, for the pleasure of tasting different wines they know any of the familiar to Western palates.

“Holidays in China?, Why not do something different and then marvel at the Great Wall to make a bit of industrial tourism, of course made in China, that is mixing an ancient past that has kept the traditions, present strong and vibrant, a future that speaks of quality and dedication to doing things properly.

Bon voyage!

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