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Strategic points in Manhattan

Jueves, junio 24th, 2010

47th Street is Broadway in Times Square, the world’s most famous intersection. Here visitors feel the rhythm of the city. Broadway Avenue, is called the White Way in the city. Here you can listen to how late this place, stronger than any other area of the city. The mere fact of being here with thousands of people is part of the excitement of Times Square. At this very spot the city lives the new year. Crowds of people flooded the streets and began the countdown to the new year it is finished.

Midtown Manhattan

Photography by spettacolopuro

Times Square:

Here you can find places like Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Macy’s stores other local celebrities. It is also the scene of the New Year celebration. (más…)

Visitors to Chile in 15 days

Sábado, mayo 15th, 2010

Visit Chile in 15 days, it seems enough time, some would say, but it really is a very complex task. Chile is long, and out of jokes, it makes it very difficult to portray in a nutshell. The variety of climates, cultures and attractions do not complicate the matter, so here are some tips to not miss anything and take advantage of the visit.

Visitors to Chile in 15 days

Photography by Peter Shanks

Santiago is not Chile:

Usually the capital of a country has much to offer and certainly as the capital Santiago has much to give, cultural and architecturally speaking, however, the beauty of the country is at its ends, thus reducing the time has nothing Santiago wrong, especially if it means more time in places like the Elqui Valley and San Rafael Lagoon. (más…)

The islands of Chiloé archipelago legends

Domingo, abril 11th, 2010

The islands of Chiloé archipelago legends

The islands of Chiloé and its beautiful landscapes. They are a land of unique identity, with fantastic stories and the intense flavor of its cuisine. This vast and desolate beach on which they break, furious waves of the South Pacific, seems the perfect place to display the Caleuche, which, although not daring to say so explicitly, we would like to view. The ancient people called this island chelles and that their passage into Castilian (chillwe means “place of chelles” in Mapuche language) finished giving name to this land so strange and fascinating: Chiloé in southern Chile. (más…)

Journey to the Islands Maori

Jueves, abril 1st, 2010

Polynesian Dance by J.Chin.

Speaking of this geographic area us back to history, as they were one of the last places on earth to be inhabited. The Maori came to these remote islands about seven centuries ago and the Europeans just three hundred years ago.

It may be the last corner of the planet, but before the film director Peter Jackson did the best promotion of tourism in the archipelago of the Ring trilogy, New Zealand and could boast of having a centennial tourism department. Despite the remoteness, the Kiwis (the name by which New Zealanders call themselves) had always clear the intense appeal of their lands, of the least densely populated in the world and its varied and spectacular scenery. (más…)

Brazil: Historic and rural route in Espiritu Santo

Martes, marzo 30th, 2010

Vitória Vista de Vila Velha by SSodre.

Espiritu Santo, is a state north of Rio de Janeiro, with beaches competitive, a curious offer ecotourism and colonies Italian, Austrian and other European countries, in addition to imposing Pedra Azul State Park. There’s plenty to see and learn in this state. Then I show the following points of interest:


When night falls, a tropical regularly, around 19, the Vitória Bay lights up like a giant Christmas tree and the buildings of its skyline form a garland whose lights are reflected in the waters of the Atlantic. The glory is even greater in these days when every neighbor joins the lights always hold their own lighting for Natal. The best place to appreciate it all is from the Ilha do Boi, a small island which is opposite a residential district of Vitoria, capital of Espirito Santo state north of Rio de Janeiro to reserve more than a surprise even to those visitors who assume to know While Brazil. (más…)

La Rioja: Crossing the Andes

Lunes, marzo 29th, 2010

Mapa Recorrido 2009 by DAKAR Rally.

Crossing the Andes, is a historic route that even today, with technology and progress of the new century, cross the mighty Andes Mountains remains a major challenge. At the end of the day, in a few places in the world are mountains over 6000 meters, which monitor extinct volcanoes lonely horizons and a vast landscape where only the queen and great condor. (más…)

Argentina “Roads height”

Domingo, marzo 14th, 2010

Cabildo de Salta por drcak07.

From Salta to Santa Cruz, drain the Andes Mountains and its foothills many winding roads that border the “high” beauty: the Quebrada de las Conchas Salta, Route 7 to the Christ Redeemer in Mendoza, the water crossing to Chile Black in San Juan, the route to the viewpoint of Cochuna in Tucuman and Camino of Monte Zeballos in Santa Cruz.

From the height, the edge of a cornice road, it captures the true dimension of the vastness of a landscape. The notion of space is lost as it enlarges the visual horizon, and getting it back soon when more than 1000 meters below is a small black dot moving on four wheels in slow motion through the route. (más…)

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