Visitors to Chile in 15 days

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Visit Chile in 15 days, it seems enough time, some would say, but it really is a very complex task. Chile is long, and out of jokes, it makes it very difficult to portray in a nutshell. The variety of climates, cultures and attractions do not complicate the matter, so here are some tips to not miss anything and take advantage of the visit.

Visitors to Chile in 15 days

Photography by Peter Shanks

Santiago is not Chile:

Usually the capital of a country has much to offer and certainly as the capital Santiago has much to give, cultural and architecturally speaking, however, the beauty of the country is at its ends, thus reducing the time has nothing Santiago wrong, especially if it means more time in places like the Elqui Valley and San Rafael Lagoon.

Chile has everything and I mean, everything. The jaw-dropping amazing diversity even the most savvy traveler. Cultural tourism center of the country is enough to require several weeks of travel, or even talk about other areas where the sheer beauty of the landscape gives to fill hundreds of photo albums.

Visitors to Chile

Photography by BriYYZ

Learn about the milestones you want to visit and prepare a route beforehand, or embodies a journey with your travel agent, because otherwise we might not finish his route and miss the wonders that this country can offer.

Under the same concept as above, get to know what kind of journey performed. In Chile there are options ranging from ecotourism or extreme tourism, until astroturismo, there are routes for everything and everyone, even if what you want is only see the sky or simply relax on a beach … There are many options available .

Northern Chile is the landscape. As you read, the biggest attraction in northern Chile are the landscape and how the culture has developed in inhospitable places like the desert. Further south, the Elqui Valley is a place full of magic and mysticism, as well as being under the clear skies of the world.

The Center is Chile culture and history, museums, architecture and historical city of Santiago, the cultural brilliance, the marvelous structure of the hills of Valparaiso and all the history contained in Rancagua houses that conserve picture of the colony.

Catedral de Rancagua

Photography by gpoo

Southern Chile is the environment, natural beauty, lakes, forests and nature reserves. Southern Chile has much to offer not know where to start …, much less how to describe in words the magic of transparent images and full of life, coupled with the charm of the wilderness with nature at its best.

Chile is not cheap but not expensive:

This sounds contradictory, this is the essence of the country and its people … Chile is not cheap, but it is expensive, not all that is seems and not everything that appears is.

The Chileans are usually friendly to tourists, but that does not make the best guides, ask for help from the police (the name of the police of Chile) is highly recommended, as they know best the industry where they work and have the tools to help in case of problems.

Restaurants throughout Chile under-or rather where lunch and dinner are offered home pitch, usually the prices are inexpensive and the dining experience could overtake the great restaurants. With the added advantage of being popular and fun places where you can live intensely the experience of being in Chile. Ask for “Picasa” or bites to eat good and cheap … It may be exotic, like the whole trip.

Bon voyage!

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