Strategic points in Manhattan

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47th Street is Broadway in Times Square, the world’s most famous intersection. Here visitors feel the rhythm of the city. Broadway Avenue, is called the White Way in the city. Here you can listen to how late this place, stronger than any other area of the city. The mere fact of being here with thousands of people is part of the excitement of Times Square. At this very spot the city lives the new year. Crowds of people flooded the streets and began the countdown to the new year it is finished.

Midtown Manhattan

Photography by spettacolopuro

Times Square:

Here you can find places like Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Macy’s stores other local celebrities. It is also the scene of the New Year celebration.


Broadway is the longest and most famous of Manhattan, and cross right here with the Seventh Avenue. No runs north to south as most of the avenues of the city, but follows the route of an ancient trail from Battery Park Algonquin.

Fifth Avenue:

Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue:

The pace of Fifth Avenue is much more relaxed, is a nice place to stroll, and perhaps make some purchases of luxury in its many shops, for example Tifannys, this appears in the famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or famous Disney store. During the day the Plaza Hotel has a refined and elegant appearance, but at night is majestic, a dream palace, near Central Park.

Hotel Plaza:

It is inevitable to see the entrance of the Hotel Plaza and not think about cinema. Remember Barbra Streisand’s character out flyers in the movie “The Way We Were.” While not you stay there, it’s worth entering a coffee. Be dazzled by the luxury. A horse-drawn carriage ride, Central Park, besides being a nice souvenir of New York, will also help to pay for horses alfalfa a year.

New York, Hotel Plaza

Photography by Oquendo

The biggest influx of people in the city concentrates on Park Avenue, Golden Avenue upper East Side. (Waldorf Astoria)

To the downtown in the Wall Street area, are the buildings of the financial district. These buildings never sleep. International markets represent an activity for 24 hours. In these offices, faxes, telephones and all types of connections are occupied at all times. It is the network connecting the United States to the world. In the midst of these buildings emphasizes the Church of the Holy Trinity. Another place to find out is the Grande Arche flanking the Washington Square Park, is a gateway to two very different lifestyles. On the one hand, the upper part of the city with the rich Fifth Avenue, and the other to the historic center, with Soho and Greenwich Village.

Strategic points in Manhattan 

Photography by j_bary

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