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Discovering Newfoundland, Canada

Sábado, noviembre 13th, 2010

Terranova was not his original name, but these lands have had from its first settlement a process of change. This is a place where natures practically unattainable constantly renew their domains, fighting inch by inch to the advancement of civilization. Newfoundland and Newfoundland, as its inhabitants call it was discovered by the Icelandic Vikings explored the North Atlantic in search of new lands. His first name was Vinland and although there are different meanings, it seems that the etymology of the word refers to the abundance of vineyards.

Discovering Newfoundland

Photography by natalielucier

Location: (más…)

Paradise Yangshuo in Guilin

Lunes, noviembre 1st, 2010

Yangshuo is a small town near Guilin, located in Guangxi province in China. The visitor to this area will be captivated by the lush hills and peaks that surround this paradise between the Li and Yulong rivers. A show that a tourist in China can not lose no doubt.

Paradise Yangshuo in Guilin

Photography by Andrei Dimofte

The town of Yangshuo is on the banks of the Li and Yulong River, surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks and spectacular. This population is very popular among backpackers (backpackers) worldwide, and has recently begun to receive national tourism. Yangshuo is the central point to visit all the sites near the village, so we recommend the visitor to book a journey of three days in Yangshuo to enjoy the area. Here you can enjoy biking, hiking, river rafting or caving, among many other activities. (más…)

Walking in the gardens of Paris

Sábado, septiembre 25th, 2010

To say that Paris is one of the greenest cities in Europe is simple, just display a map and look at your map. Between two giants, the Bois de Boulogne to the west and east of Vincennes, lies a wonderful and sometimes secret world of plants consists of woodlots, parks, gardens, green corridors, plazas and courtyards. Some are on the map. Others do not, but its charm is at the discretion or feeling that someone turned a corner of land in his idea of paradise. The gardens in full, up nearly five hundred. The word itself is French garden and very common from the fifteenth century.

Walking in the gardens of Paris

Photography by Meg Zimbeck

The most striking for their rarity is the Alpine garden that houses the city’s Botanical accessed Jussieau straight down the street. Edelweiss, gentian and bromeliads in the heart of Paris. Two thousand plants that reproduce high mountain alpine ecosystems of the main mountain ranges in the world. (más…)

Rural Tourism – On the small islands canary – Part II

Jueves, septiembre 9th, 2010

Rural Tourism – On the small islands canary – Part II

We continue with the second part of our rural route through this part of Spain.

La Palma:

This island has two well-deserved nickname: the beautiful island and the island green and the traveler will understand when you get to La Palma, fully declared by the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a place of lush greenery from which to observe the stars.

Islands Canary

Photography by pizzodisevo

The center of the island is dominated by the National Park Caldera, a breathtaking volcanic crater. (más…)

The conservation of vultures in Spain

Viernes, agosto 27th, 2010

Comes to have a wingspan of three meters and weighing between seven and 13 kilos. We speak of the black vulture, the great bird of prey has been chosen bird of the year 2010 by the Spanish Ornithological Society. Despite being one of the birds that have managed to recover their population in the last thirty years (in 2006 counted 2,000 couples in Spain in 35 colonies), it still suffers many threats.

The conservation of vultures in Spain

Photography by Kom_bo

In Spain, the large majority of the scavengers of the European Union: 80% of “owls” and “vultures”, over 90% of the griffon vulture and 98% of the specimens of black vultures. (más…)

The National Park of Haitises

Lunes, junio 28th, 2010

The National Park of Haitises

The Haitises is a tropical forest designated as National Park in the Dominican Republic, where they live, manatees, boas, sea turtles and hundreds of different species of birds, the site is located in the east of the Dominican Republic.

This is a protected area of the Dominican Republic, El Haitises National Park offers visitors the opportunity not only to know and admire an impressive combination of small hills or tropical wooded hills, but the opportunity to appreciate the different ecosystems: rain forest tropical mangroves, marine, keys and meadows and a long coastline of the park. Through its 21 000 hectares of parkland, rock formations, pictographs and petroglyphs can be found in service three cave systems. The average temperature is 25 c and the climate is humid with frequent rains. (más…)

Cruises on the Upper Valley

Jueves, abril 8th, 2010

Cruises on the Upper Valley

Black River to Argentina

Right in the Black River valley, which has the mightiest watercourse of Patagonia, is made floating and kayaking to watch this beautiful oasis fruit and rich bird life. Where thousands and thousands of tourists come every year.

The Black River Valley High is an important fruit production area that supplies, for over 50 years, both domestic and international levels. It lies between the cities and Cipolletti Chichinales is full of farms and hidden behind rows and rows of poplar trees that protect the richest pears, apples and peaches. Here the landscape is the result of the combination between nature and human labor by crop and irrigation canals. And it is no coincidence that one of the most widely used is the farm, ie, walks and hikes to visit farms and vineyards specialized in “wine of cold spots,” such as classical Canale Winery. There is also the possibility of living the valley from the river itself by kayaking with a view of the fauna included. This experience allows us to appreciate the great contrast between the area cultivated with fruit trees, the arid Patagonian plateau and its characteristic flora. (más…)

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